One Piece Episode 371


The Straw Hat Pirates is still struggling with Oars’s new stretching abilities. He threatens the gang with a gum-gum bell and then a gum-gum spear. He hasn’t defeated them yet, but they don’t really have a chance to attack him anymore either. Moria finally agrees to open up to the Straw Hats about the reason for Oars’s stretching abilities. It’s all based on his own devil power, the Shadow Fruit. He explains to them that a shadow and its body must always have the same shape. However, using his devil power, he can enter and control Oars’s shadow. Thus, he can change the zombie’s shadow at will and the zombie’s body must adapt to this change. Now even the Straw Hats understand that Oars is not in fact a rubber man, but his body must adapt to his shadow. As Chopper correctly points out, Moria has reversed the laws of nature. As an example, Moria warps Oars’s shadow into a ball, whereupon Oars becomes a ball as well, astonishing everyone. However, Moria’s special zombie doesn’t think the whole thing is so great, since it’s his battle to fight here, and he doesn’t want Moria to interfere any further.

Nami considers telling the others about Bartholomew Kuma, but immediately dismisses the idea, not wanting to upset the others unnecessarily. The Straw Hats now launch another attack. Brook lies in the giant slingshot of Usopp. When he lets go of it, the skeleton flies at a great speed towards Oars. In flight, it is additionally electrocuted by Nami, then pierces Oars’s right shoulder and subsequently gets stuck in a wall. Immediately, Zoro also seizes the opportunity and uses Tourou against the zombie. However, Oars survives the attack, attacks Brook, who is stuck in the wall, and knocks him out with the Gomu Gomu no Ono. Following this, he is hit by several bullets from Usopp. As he tries to hit back with a gum-gum bazooka to take out another straw hat as well, his arm suddenly doesn’t stretch. Robin has intervened in the action, using her devil powers to harass Moria so that he can no longer control Oars’s shadow. With Ochenta Fleurs, Cuatro Manos, Hold she holds it in place.

But he only thinks that you can’t stop him like that. Immediately after that he uses his Brick Bats, which all pounce on Robin and bite at her. With the Veinte Fleurs, Calendula tries to stop them, but in vain. When it already seems too late, Sanji intervenes in the action. With his kicks he is able to fend off the attack and thus help Robin. However, behind Robin there is already a shadow of Moria. He has noticed that Robin’s abilities are extraordinary and therefore wants to steal her shadow. But Robin doesn’t care about the shadow behind her. She thinks that if she kills the real Moria in Oars’s body, he will disappear. With a clutch, she snaps his neck. Cheers go up, but the shadow behind Robin has not disappeared. The real Moria is still standing behind her. He explains that he can switch places with Doppelman at any time and that the one sitting in Oars’s body is not him, but Doppelman. Consequently, Moria has won this round. He grabs Robin’s shadow and simply cuts him off. The straw hat pirate falls to the ground, unconscious. Three out of eight have been taken out now.

Because Moria has finished off Robin, Sanji gets angry. He heats up his leg and uses his technique Diable Jambe, with which he catches Moria. As it turns out, however, it’s just his doppelganger again, and so the chef is attacked by the Brick Bats once more. Meanwhile, the real Moria is back in Oars’s body and apologizes to him for interfering in the fight without permission. Oars briefly complains about his master and then declares that he will now finish this woman off for good. He aims a gum-gum bazooka directly at the unconscious Robin, leaving Nami and Usopp horrified to discover that Oars can stretch again. However, Sanji stands in Oars’s way to protect his comrade. He manages to deflect the attack with the help of his Frites Assorties.

Suddenly, Chopper speaks up. He is on Oars’s right shoulder and orders Sanji and Zoro to get Robin out of here immediately. Surprised, Sanji asks what Chopper is doing up there. The latter only replies that he was looking for the reason why Oars died 500 years ago. Further, he explains that if a monster died before it reached a ripe old age, there’s a big chance that it happened due to an unnatural reason. Oars has also noticed that there is someone on his body and eventually spots Chopper. However, the latter has already figured out that Oars’s right arm is his weak spot, as it’s not real. Hogback has fixed it after the fact. The joint shows clear signs of severe frostbite. Furthermore, Chopper surmises that Oars probably froze to death 500 years ago while wandering through a land of ice. When Sanji and Zoro also learn that Oars was wearing almost no clothes at all at the time, they agree, there’s no way they can lose to someone like that. Zombies can’t feel pain, but you can still inflict a lot of wounds on them without them healing. So Chopper gives the order to destroy Oars’s right arm, because that will also cut his attack power in half.

Oz is getting tired of it now, so he slams his fist down on his right arm where Chopper was standing until now. But thanks to his devil powers, Chopper was able to transform into his small form, with which he effortlessly fits into Oz’s fist. To the relief of the others, he survived the attack unscathed and now goes for a Rumble Ball. He pops out of Oars’s hand and uses Arm Point. With the help of Sanji catapulting him towards Oars’s arm, he is able to hit Oars in his weak spot. The latter now has a large hoofprint on his right shoulder. The zombie doesn’t think the attacks against his supposed weak spot will do anything. However, Chopper thinks that pain is important to protect his own body. Therefore, one who does not feel pain does not equal stronger. Oars, however, pays him no heed. With another Gomu Gomu no Gatling, he strikes at the two Straw Hats who are still in the air. By then, even Zoro’s warnings came too late. Now there are only three Straw Hats left: Nami, Usopp, and Zoro.

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