One Piece Episode 367


Thriller Chapel: Lola has recovered and passionately kisses the unconscious Absalom. She also informs Nami about everything that is currently happening on the Thriller Bark. For instance, the navigator is informed by her that Luffy’s shadow has been implanted into a special zombie. Nami quickly realizes that it must be that big zombie she saw in the cold room. However, she doesn’t know how to get the shadow back either. Before she can look for the others, though, Nami first goes to the room where all the treasures are stored and also finds that the door isn’t locked. But when she enters, she is shocked to find the room empty. The treasures were transported by Perona to the Straw Hats’ ship shortly before, which she plans to use to escape from the Thriller Bark, as she doesn’t want to stay here if her life is in danger. She angrily clenches her fist, wanting to know who is responsible, when two chipmunk zombies appear behind her. Immediately, Nami grabs them both and grins devilishly that the two have come at just the right time as the two whimper and huff fearfully.

Meanwhile, the fight against Oars goes to the next round. Zoro has an idea: he wants to throw Oars to the ground. While Usopp writes the idea off as crazy because Oars would be way too big for that after all, Sanji thinks it’s genius. Also, Zoro adds that it was quite a surprise when Oars moved the same way Luffy did. Robin doesn’t think Oars is suited to be a pirate king, Franky already has a bunch of ideas on how to take Oars down, Chopper thinks that even this zombie must have a weak point, Sanji compares the whole thing to cooking, and Usopp is once again completely terrified. Meanwhile, Oars has already moved on to the next attack. He’s going to use the gum-gum ass bomb to crush the pirates and take them out for good. However, they all managed to get out of the way in time and Oars hits them with a gum-gum hammer, but again to no avail. Franky now suggests using “Tactics 15”. Chopper and Usopp ask, confused, if they really want to use this technique. With Sanji and Zoro as the standing legs, Franky as the body, Usopp as the arm, and Chopper as the head, Pirates Docking 6 is formed. Robin was supposed to be the left arm, but she was too embarrassed by the whole thing. But Oars is shocked, too, because he also found it very exciting – once again one of Luffy’s typical character traits flashes through. But since Robin doesn’t feel like it, Oars destroys the formation. While Zoro and Sanji were able to duck in time, Chopper, Franky and Usopp are simply knocked away by the zombie. Afterwards, Zoro also wonders why he actually went along with it. Chopper, Franky, and Usopp blame Robin for the failed attack, but she just says to never ask them to dock again. Sanji now draws attention to himself by kicking a large debris at Oars’s head. Zoro takes advantage of the distraction and borrows Franky’s nunchucks. He rams two of his swords into one end and asks Robin to fix Oars’s arm when he attacks him.

Brook, meanwhile, drags himself to the kitchen, where he searches for milk. When he finds it and drinks it, the calcium causes the skeleton to regenerate. He then looks further around the kitchen and finds a room that has been nailed shut. There he finds what he was looking for and is about to try something when he realizes that he has no tongue.

Thousand Sunny: Numerous zombies load masses of provisions onto the Straw Hats’ ship under Perona’s instruction.

Straw Hat Pirates vs Oz: Zoro has borrowed Franky’s nunchucks and asks Robin to back him up when he attacks. Meanwhile, Usopp fires three oil stars at Oars’s hand, causing him to slip away. With an Armée de l’air – Power Shoot, Zoro is catapulted by Sanji towards Oars’s arm, which he attacks with Dai Gekken and who is then pinned to his back by Robin with Cien Fleurs, Big Tree. As Oars falls to the ground, Franky and Chopper have already built a wooden staircase to Oars’s face. They hit him with a Super Frapper Gong to the jaw. Finally, Sanji makes Oars fall completely by attacking Oars’s last support, his right leg, with the Anti-Manner Kick Course. Matching Sanji’s words, “One Down!”, Oars falls head first into Dr. Hogback’s castle.

The zombies, who are watching from afar, have also noticed what has happened. They notice that the castle is now completely destroyed. They also wonder what Oars is doing there, since they can only see his legs. One of the zombies suggests that it might be possible that someone could have forced Oars down, but that’s actually impossible, since you’d need at least 1,000 warriors to do that. In front of the straw hats, a very angry Oars is now stuck upside down with his horns in the ground.

Perona sees Oars’s legs flailing in the air and wonders if Oars could really lose. Ultimately, she doesn’t care, since she wants to get off the Thriller Bark now that her life is in danger. While some zombies are still loading the treasures onto the Sunny, a large man suddenly stands in front of them. Since he doesn’t seem to be a zombie, but looks more like a bear in their opinion, they ask him what he wants here. He finds the comparison to a bear very rude. As they see in the next moment, it is Bartholomew Kuma who is here on the ship to see Moria.

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