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Franky and Brook are sitting on the roof of Hogback’s castle with Zoro and get scared when they see Luffy’s zombie Oars, who has broken through Moria’s Mast Mansion. The three notice Usopp, Robin, and Chopper in Perona’s Miracle Garden as they do so. Sanji, meanwhile, has broken free from the rubble and confronts the larger-than-average giant zombie Oars. Robin wants to help the chef using her devil power, but Usopp holds her back, thinking Oars wouldn’t identify him as an enemy thanks to his drawn wanted poster photo. Oars, however, thinks that Sanji would definitely be recognizable on the wanted poster, which visibly upsets the Cook.

At the same time, Luffy pursues Moria through the corridors of his mansion. Luffy’s attacks again stop Moria’s shadow double man. When the gum man finally has the samurai deadlocked and ready for a real fight, Moria keeps him busy again with his Brick Bats, which he is able to slap against the wall with a Gomu Gomu no Gatling after Moria escapes. The chase continues.

Hildon meanwhile is looking for his master. He notices Jigoro and Inuppe still fighting outside the mansion. The bat zombie tries to settle the dispute, but to no avail. In the Thriller Chapel, Absalom is finally about to finish his wedding to Nami when Hildon suddenly appears and accidentally flies at Absalom, who was about to kiss Nami. Hildon advises him as a perverted monster as their lips part again. Absalom remains reasonably composed, but is still angry and asks what he is doing in the chapel. The latter reports his request and is about to continue searching when Absalom tells him that he too does not know where Moria is. But then Absalom yells at him that he is not a perverted monster and finishes off Hildon with his corpse hands.

Hildon has gone outside to search again. There he finally discovers Moria, who has since let Luffy chase him into the forest. He reports to his master that the Thriller Bark is off course and that it will end in disaster if they don’t do something. Moria, however, wants Hildon to take care of it since he’s busy right now. Hildon is still trying to stop him from running further away when Luffy pushes him out of the way.

Meanwhile, Oars pounds away at Sanji like a man possessed, but he keeps dodging. When Oars finishes his attack, Sanji emerges from the rubble with only a minor wound to his head. Oars launches another attack with the gum-gum sickle. Chopper, Usopp, and Zoro are concerned, wondering if Oars can stretch like Luffy. He can’t stretch, but the size and strength of the attack makes up for it and the stretching doesn’t seem necessary at all. Robin remembers hearing the name Oars before, but can’t believe it’s the same guy who died of frostbite 500 years ago and had the nickname “Devil”.

Sanji was able to dodge the attack and attacks Oars with Collier Frit, but is sent back to the ground by a headbutt from the latter, where he is also immediately knocked into the walls of Hogback’s castle with a punch from Oars. Franky notices Oars’s quickness, which also immediately lifts Sanji out of the rubble. Just before Oars can deliver the final blow to Sanji, Usopp reacts and launches a Firebird Star at Oars, setting his hair on fire. Oars throws Sanji into the ground, erasing his hair, and turns around. He looks at the wanted posters again, this time of Robin and Chopper, who are in Perona’s Miracle Garden. He makes his way there. To get Oars’s attention, Franky shoots Oars down, who also immediately changes direction. Suddenly Oars has disappeared, but immediately appears in front of Hogback’s castle and kicks it in with his foot. Zoro reacts immediately and launches an attack on Oars’s face with Ichi Gorilla Ni Gorilla. Zoro is still able to cut off one of his tusks, but is then launched into the air with the Gomu Gomu no Kazan by Oars, who throws his head into the back of his neck to avoid Zoro’s attack. Franky aims for Oars’s head and blasts him with Weapons Left. Oars’s speed shows again and he dodges Franky’s attack. He clutches a nearby tower and rams it into Franky and Brook. Meanwhile, Zoro falls back down and is caught by Robin’s Cien Fleurs, Spidernet. Oars is now standing in front of the caught Zoro with a building piece in his hands. Usopp shoots a salt projectile into Oars’s mouth, but the bit of salt isn’t enough to rid this huge body of its shadow. Chopper sets up for his Heavy Gong attack, but before he can execute it, Oars rams the building piece onto Perona’s Miracle Garden. So now all the Straw Hats and Brook present are out of action and Oars seems to be the victor.

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