One Piece Episode 362


Five minutes earlier in Dr. Hogback’s lab, Zoro is standing in front of Ryuma, who was about to cut off Brook’s afro. He wants to take the samurai’s sword, the Shuusui. Ryuma notices Zoro’s three swords. Zoro explains that he regrets not being able to show him them because one of his swords is broken, which he still carries out of habit. Immediately there is an exchange of blows between Zoro and Ryuma, whereupon Ryuma follows up with Aubade Coup Droit, an attack from Brook, and knocks a big hole in the wall behind Zoro. Franky and Brook can’t believe their eyes at the power behind that punch. Brook mentions that when he used the attack, it was never that effective. Zoro also attacked Ryuma, but the effect is delayed. Franky didn’t even see Zoro launch a counterattack. Brook predicts that the fight between Zoro and Ryuma will be short, as they both have the same destructive power.

The fight suddenly restarts and the opponents clash. Ryuma attacks him with Prélude Au Fer, but Zoro deflects the attack and counterattacks with two-sword style Hirameki. More sword slashes follow and Brook and Franky watch the fight in amazement. Ryuma uses the Gavotte Bond Avant attack, and Zoro counters with Rashomon. The forces of both attacks blast two walls of the building they are fighting in, and the roof collapses. To avoid being buried by the debris of the collapsing roof, Zoro uses Slash 72 Sense Phoenix and Ryuma Polka Remise to fight his way through the rubble. Franky also shoots his way out with Weapons Left and escapes to the roof with Brook, where Zoro and Ryuma continue their fight.

The two meet at the top of the tower. After a collision, the two slide down the roof, but meet again on the side of the roof after locating where the enemy is. They continue to fight each other and Zoro almost falls off the roof already. After a brief exchange of blows, Zoro becomes worried. He fears that the samurai will break his sword if he keeps fighting like this. He now fights on with only one sword. Suddenly, Ryuma cuts through the top of the tower. Zoro runs up the falling spire, jumps and attacks Ryuma with Hiryuu Kaen. Ryuma jumps up and applies Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri to counter Zoro. They meet in midair and Zoro falls off the roof while Ryuma takes a wound that bursts into flames. Zoro lands a little further down on a canopy. Samurai Ryuma acknowledges his defeat. He hands Zoro his sword Shuusui, saying it will serve Zoro well, and drops it from the roof. Zoro catches it and thus has a third sword again, Shuusui. The duel is over and Brook’s shadow returns to him as Ryuma’s body burns and dies.

Usopp looks for his comrades-in-arms and pictures the situation as he brags to them about his victory against the Ghost Princess. He is met by some animal zombies looking for Perona. They almost spotted him, but Usopp was able to hide just in time.

Some zombies have discovered the defeated zombie generals. Hildon shows up and tells them that Oars is the one responsible. The zombies can’t believe Oars would do such a thing, since he is one of them after all. Hildon explains that Oars only recently got his shadow and he still has some of Luffy’s personality and still has free will. At the same time, Oars shows up and Hildon advises the zombies to flee or they will suffer the same fate as the zombie generals. However, the zombies are pissed off because Hildon seems to underestimate them and bravely confront the special zombie. The latter wants to take out the zombies because he doesn’t want them to get in his way, but remembers that he doesn’t have time and has to get to his master. He goes on.

Cold Room: Luffy has trouble getting to Moria, as Doppelmann thwarts all attacks and attempts. The straw hat is annoyed that Moria doesn’t even fight himself. However, the latter just means that he will be Pirate King without lifting a finger. Luffy is about to go in for another attack when Doppelmann buries him underneath, but he managed to save himself in a hole in the ground. With a gum-gum rocket, he transports himself to Moria, but again Moria’s shadow interferes and holds Luffy down. Moria says there’s a terrible enemy coming, so Luffy’s future doesn’t look good.

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