One Piece Episode 358


Cold Room: Moria thinks the shadows will only return to their owners on his command, even if he is defeated or killed. He asks Luffy if he is capable of making him give the order. Luffy starts the fight with the gum-gum gun, but fails to hit Moria as his shadow, Double Man, stops the blow. While Moria states that he is happy to let others fight for him to become Pirate King, Double Man attacks Luffy. Oars has also said that he wants to become pirate king. However, this is still an old memory of Luffy’s personality, which, according to Moria, soon gives and Oars gecko Moria as his new master. Luffy kicks Moria’s shadow and attacks its owner with the Gomu Gomu no Gatling. However, Doppelmann splits into little bats and intercepts Luffy’s pelting blows in front of Moria. The bats then go after Luffy and Moria laughs at him.

Perona’s Room: Usopp flees from the animal zombies. While Perona wonders why Usopp is the only one of the Straw Hats not depressed by the ghosts, Usopp plays dead himself. The animal zombies suspect he’s trying to trick them and cover their mouths as a precaution. Then when Usopp attacks them with a projectile, it wasn’t a En Boshi as expected, but a Pepper Star, and the animal zombies sneeze. Again, Usopp is able to defeat some of them with his salt and Perona gets angry. The animal zombies want to attack the longnose again and Usopp counters with a volley of fire, but it misses its target as the zombies are able to dodge the attack. They make fun of Usopp for missing and knock him to the ground. The volley of fire didn’t get the zombies, but it did get the chandelier on the ceiling, causing it to fall on the zombies on the ground. Caught by the fire, they run around in a panic and Usopp finally wants to turn his attention to the ghost princess. However, Kumashi gets in his way and Perona runs out of the room into the hallway before the liar. A chase ensues with Usopp chasing Perona and Kumashi chasing Usopp. The teddy bear zombie attacks Usopp by jumping towards Usopp with his massive body. The latter is fortunately able to dodge and escape the attack. Kumashi emerges from the wreckage unscathed and the chase continues.

Oz takes to the water and sits on the shore, splashing his feet. In the process, he creates not-so-small waves and his voice makes the zombies on the Thriller Bark cover their ears.

Thriller Chapel: Sanji happily dances and pirouettes because he found Nami. He thunders into the back wall of the zombie holding Nami with a kick and catches Nami.

Oz, meanwhile, is doing loosening-up exercises and wonders if he can swim. In the end, he doesn’t really care and jumps into the cold water. In doing so, he causes huge waves that flood a small portion of Thriller Bark and the zombies are forced to flee to a rise in the grounds. Oars is able to get out of the water and Hildon sits on his shoulder. He explains that he shouldn’t drink too much seawater or he’ll lose his shadow.

Thriller Chapel: Sanji assures the still unconscious Nami of her safety and looks into her eyes. He is entranced by her beauty. When Absalom speaks up about wanting Nami back, he looks into her face as well. He as well as Sanji are taken in by her beauty. Absalom keeps his wits about him and tears himself away from Nami’s beauty. He uses his corpse hands against Sanji and Nami. Sanji appears behind Absalom and warns him to watch out as he almost hurts Nami. Absalom acknowledges Sanji’s quickness and remembers a zombie acting much like Sanji and not obeying properly. During Absalom’s narration, Sanji drops Nami off and is again entranced by the navigator. Absalom is furious and finally wants to finish. Sanji kicks him into a wall with a well-aimed kick. He tells Absalom that he must be the one who can turn invisible. Absalom can’t believe Sanji just kicked him away like that, considering he weighs 300 kilograms. He goes to attack Sanji again with his corpse hands, but Sanji deflects them by jumping on his forearms and pushing them apart. Sanji attacks him with Basse Côte and continues with various other kicks to avenge Robin, whom he licked on Thousand Sunny, and Nami, whom he strung up in the bathroom. Absalom has had enough and turns invisible. Sanji, however, knows how to help himself and throws around some of Usopp’s salt balls to see where Absalom is at any given moment. Finishing off his kicks, Sanji kicks him into a wall with the Veau Shot. Sanji hasn’t had enough though and wants to settle something with him.

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