One Piece Episode 356


Luffy, Robin and Chopper leave Sanji and Usopp behind, who have ended up with Zoro and Franky one floor below from Oars’s action. Luffy’s group is now on their way to the cooling chamber where Gecko Moria is located. But on the way, the three encounter Hogback, Cindry, Jigoro, and Inuppe. Chopper asks Luffy to leave Hogback to him while he fights Moria. Hogback gives orders to Cindry to stop Luffy, who also immediately pulls out her plates and throws them at Luffy, but he dodges and manages to get into the corridor to the cooler. Robin stays with Chopper and takes care of Hogback and Cindry with him. Chopper is now sorely disappointed in Dr. Hogback. To him, he is no longer a doctor.

Luffy, meanwhile, meets Gecko Moria in the cold room.

At the destroyed bridge to Perona’s room: The other Straw Hats Franky, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp meet Oars, who marvels at his size. Oars doesn’t notice the three, but talks like Luffy is going to be Pirate King. He walks away with a huge piece of a destroyed building, thinking it’s a pirate hat, while the others figure out how to get into the castle since Oars destroyed the bridge. But Franky quickly builds a sturdy wooden bridge and they can keep running.

The four now arrive at Perona’s room, where Perona is already waiting for them. She immediately attacks them with the Negative Hollows. Franky, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp cannot escape in time and are caught. Immediately, Franky, Zoro, and Sanji are depressed and Perona’s animal zombies want to pounce on them, but are cleansed of their shadows by a salt projectile. Usopp is the only one who didn’t get depressed!

Perona immediately shoots another Negative Hollow at Usopp, but it has no effect either. When asked what Usopp did to avoid becoming depressed, he replies that he was always depressed by nature! Perona and the animal zombies can’t believe it! There is someone who can survive the ghost attacks. So they try to cheer him up and speak encouragement to him to think a little more positively, but Usopp doesn’t fall for it. He tells his friends that they are helpless against Perona and that he will take care of them, while the other three should keep looking for Nami and Brook.

Thriller Chapel: Nami and Absalom’s wedding is coming to an end. The two are declared husband and wife and Absalom only has to kiss Nami to end the wedding!


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