One Piece Episode 352


Dr. Hogback’s Lab: Brook is standing in front of Samurai Ryuma, who is talking trash about him.

The zombies are worried because you know their weak point. Robin and Franky have freed most of the zombies from their shadows and run to the Thousand Sunny with Chopper and Usopp. They decide to take care of Nami later, assuming she definitely won’t be killed. Usopp asks Franky how they know the zombies’ weak point, to which Franky answers him. Robin asks Chopper and Usopp what that roar was that she and Franky heard earlier. Usopp answers her that it was Luffy’s zombie.

The zombies in the freezer bring in masses of food for Oars, who can’t stop eating. Perona tries to get Kumashi to talk about why he hid the pirates, but gruffly orders him to shut up when he jumps to a response. Oars thanks Moria for all the food. The zombies are furious at the way Oars talks to Moria. However, they are immediately silent again as Oars looks at them askance. The special zombie asks for more food. While the zombies think they’ve already brought everything in, Cindry mentions Dr. Hogback’s emergency provisions. The zombies head out and get more food to Oars. As he eats, he is offered a salted fish by Cindry. The messenger zombies are frightened and want to find the fish, otherwise Oars will become a lifeless body again. When Oars catches sight of it, the trio are nearly swallowed themselves, but are able to prevent Oars from ingesting the fish. Moria now refers to Oars as his subject, who lived 500 years ago and has now been brought back to life. Oars, however, sees it a bit differently and doesn’t want to be his devoted servant, finds it boring in cold storage and wants to break out. The zombies taunt him, saying the cold room can’t be destroyed by him because it’s made of the strongest steel. But the next moment he blows it up with a gum-gum gun (though Oars’s arm doesn’t stretch). The zombies are taken back. He goes outside and makes plans to maybe go on a big trip. He exclaims that he’s going to be king of the pirates!

Dr. Hogback’s Lab: Ryuma taunts Brook when he begged for his afro in past fights that Ryuma shouldn’t cut off. He remembers 5 years ago when he lost his shade and came back to Thriller Bark. At that time, he was looking around the forest for his zombie with his shadow, watching a group of zombies. One had just eaten salted fish so it was cleaned by his shadow. He made his way to Dr. Hogback and threatened him that he would cleanse the zombies with salt. So he set out again to find his shadow. However, he was afraid of the zombies so he started humming when he was afraid. So he cleaned one zombie after another, but did not find his shadow. The zombies that were still alive reported to Absalom. Perona, who was sleeping through the night at the time, did not notice any of these incidents. Eventually, Brook met his zombie: Samurai Ryuma. But Brook was defeated by him and faced harsh setbacks. Ryuma wanted to cut off his afro even then to torment Brook. He was able to convince Ryuma to let him go.

Back to the present: Brook doesn’t want to run away anymore and starts the fight. He has become stronger for the second chance to get his shadow back.

Meanwhile, Absalom takes Nami to a priest zombie who is supposed to dress Nami in a wedding dress. The picture zombies present marvel at the pretty bride.

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