One Piece Episode 349


Thriller Bark, Bridge: Brook has sensitively hit Tararan with the Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri, but Tararan lives on, to which Brook says he’s got it covered. Even Zombies Have an Achilles Heel. Which is true, because a short time later, a black mass pulls itself into the air from Tararan’s mouth. It’s his shadow. The spider mice mourn the loss of their general, but are also terrified of Brook, telling them that he’s trashed Thriller Bark before. After Brook mentions that the spider webs are to be removed with fire, Franky and Robin are also freed. Now Franky tells them that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji have disappeared and asks why Brook knows so much about the Thriller Bark. Brook responds by saying that he doesn’t know where to start and that they have little chance of getting out of the situation because it’s already too late. When Brook also makes jokes, Franky gets mad and threatens Brook with his arm gun. Now Brook tells about his past, which is what Franky wanted all along.

Scene Change, Brook’s Past: Desperate to find his way out of the mysterious triangle, Brook stumbled upon this island in hopes of finding materials so he could repair his ship’s rudder. So he walked around the Thriller Bark, but all he found were zombies and eventually Brook was captured as well. In captivity, he saw a dancer who was captured before him, and then they brought in a dead patchwork creature they called Mario. All at once a ghastly giant came and tore the dancer’s shadow from the ground and then cut it off as well. Now the severed shadow was fed to the still motionless Mario, next Mario began to move.

Franky asks what it all means. Brook begins to explain how a shadow works. He says that a shadow always does what its owner does. So he is something like a second soul. This giant can steal the shadows of others and takes advantage of them. We are talking about Gecko Moria, one of the 7 Samurai of the Seas. This one has eaten of the Shadow Fruit. He works with Dr. Hogback, who rebuilds these dead creatures for him, giving them more strength and stamina. Brook thinks the most important thing for Moria is that his zombies obey him. Robin correctly recognizes that powerful individuals are difficult to control. Therefore, he would immediately throw these individuals into the sea after stealing their shadow because they would simply disobey him. Franky and Robin are worried about Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji, but Brook assures them that they still have time and says he knows how they should proceed.

Moria’s Mast Villa: The three messenger zombies inform Moria that the mysterious Three are here. Gecko Moria invites the Three in, which is high time for him too. He wants them to finally make him Pirate King. Luffy, who is being held captive in a steel cage, contradicts him and corrects him: he will be king of the pirates. Perona can’t believe that Luffy has declared war on the world government, because he doesn’t look like that to her. Luffy wants Moria to release his friends and him and advises him. The samurai tells them that he also captured Zoro and Sanji, which shocks Nami, Usopp, and Chopper – who are hiding in Kumashi’s belly and listening in. After a brief conversation about the trio still not being caught, Luffy suddenly bites his way through the cage unnoticed and tries to run away, but Perona prevents this with her Negative Hollow. A spotlight is then turned on so that the shadow can be seen. Shortly after, Moria snatches Luffy’s shadow off the ground and cuts it off. Luffy loses consciousness. Now Moria owns the fighting power of 300 million berry. He plans to use Luffy’s shadow to bring his special zombie to life.

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