One Piece Episode 348


Lola is now on the verge of getting even with Nami after throwing troublemakers Usopp and Chopper off of her when they tried to keep her away from Nami. At the last moment, to avoid being killed by Lola, Nami shouts that she is actually a man. Lola is surprised, to which Nami replies that she just figured that they and Absalom would be pretty good together and Nami supports her in her endeavor. Lola is overjoyed and tells her that no one has ever supported her before. Nami then tells her her “real” name: Namizo. The two immediately sit down at a table and Nami gives her tips on how to win Absalom over. Casually, she asks Lola where the island’s treasures are. She tells her that she forgot something there, but doesn’t remember the way. While Lola is explaining the way to Nami, Usopp notices Absalom following her. The zombie warthog now sees her chance to capture Absalom. Meanwhile, Nami, Chopper and Usopp run in the other direction to get the treasure.

Moria’s Mast Villa, Dance Hall: Luffy is taken out of his coffin and locked in a cage. Stretched out before him is the ruler of the Thriller Bark, Gecko Moria.

Thousand Sunny: Perona and her zombies steal the Straw Hat gang’s provisions and meager treasures from the ship. Hildon flies in and tells her that the captain of the Straw Hats, Monkey D. Luffy, has been captured and the appearance of Number 900 is not far off.

Lola is on the lookout for Absalom. He in turn comes closer and closer to Nami, Usopp and Chopper, who are in Perona’s room. Absalom also arrives and asks Kumashi about the three pirates. Kumashi denies and wants to tell him something else, but at that moment Perona returns. Kumashi wants to tell her his message instead. The latter sternly orders Kumashi to shut up because he is much cuter quietly. Nami, Chopper, and Usopp have gained access to Kumashi’s stomach through the zipper on his back and are hiding inside. Perona explains to Absalom that they have been summoned to Moria. Hildon also appears now and tells them that the buzzing swordsman is on the Thriller Bark.

At Franky and Robin’s: The two are surprised that Brook has fallen from the sky. Tararan reacts, spins a huge web and reaches Franky and Robin on the destroyed connecting bridge. Franky needs some time and asks Robin to distract Tararan a bit. The latter is now spinning more webs and Robin realizes that the spider zombie is producing his sticky webs in his hands. She slaps his eyes with her attack Seis Fleurs, Slap arms, who then rubs them with his hands. Tararan’s eyes are subsequently glued shut with his webs. Franky meanwhile has built himself Heavy Nunchakus with two barbs and a stone pillar, which he also tests on Tararan several times. Meanwhile, down in the courtyard, the zombie generals make their way to the connecting bridge to assist Tararan. Tararan has had enough and gums up the nunchucks with his webs. Franky knows how to help himself anyway and shoots him down with his Weapons Left. Robin, on the other hand, was careless and got caught in a spider web by little spider mice. Afterwards, Franky is also pinned to the ground by Tararan, who appears behind him again, looking chipper. He tells him that there are 500 of these little spider mice on the Thriller Bark. They live all over the ship and make no noise when they attack. Suddenly, a buzzed tune is heard and Brook appears in front of Robin and Franky. He attacks Tararan with Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri, who immediately bleeds from a head wound.

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