One Piece Episode 346


Luffy, who has since slipped into golden knight armor, wonders where Zoro and Sanji have gone. Franky is furious that his captain is fooling around again, but Luffy is able to convince him that knight armor is romantic for a man and the cyborg has to process that feeling into a song first. Robin brings them back down to earth, as they’ve arrived in an arena. Suddenly, a knight’s armor comes leaping from the ceiling, attacking Franky. He is able to dodge in time and counters with Strong Right, but the attack misses, causing the Knight Armor to fire a sword slash that hits the wall behind Franky and leaves a lot of damage. Franky remains unfazed and fires his Weapons Left at the armor that was hit by the attack, but gets right back up and continues to attack Franky. Armor gets up again after Franky slams him into a wall again. Oinkchuck predicts their demise, as they are surrounded by a squad of zombie generals who have made a name for themselves while alive. Also, they keep getting back up no matter how many times you throw them to the ground. They feel no pain, which is why you can’t defeat them. The straw hats try to escape, but the zombie wall blocks their way back. Lots of other zombie generals appear in front of them, blocking their way. They have no choice but to take up the fight against the zombies.

Meanwhile, Absalom searches for Lola to stop her from killing his bride-to-be, Nami. At the same moment, the warthog zombie bursts through the wall and discovers her beloved. She tries again to kiss him, but fails again. He holds up Nami’s wanted poster to her and declares that nothing will stop him from marrying her. Lola is unimpressed, grabs the wanted poster and crumples it up. She proclaims that Absalom will be hers alone and sets off again in search of Nami.

Perona’s Miracle Garden: Inuppe finishes off any animal zombie that dares go anywhere near Nami. The Straw Hats are confused. Nami has been feverishly pondering who Inuppe’s behavior reminds her of all this time, when it finally occurs to her. At the same time, Perona has shown up at the Thousand Sunny with a squad of zombies. She wants to steal the treasure and provisions that are on board.

At the same time, Zoro’s shadow is stolen by cutting it off his body with a large pair of scissors.

Hogback’s Castle, Arena: Luffy, Franky and Robin split up to fight their way through one by one and meet again later in the courtyard. Robin attacks the zombies with her Devil Power, Franky uses his fists, and Luffy uses his Gomu Gomu no attacks. However, neither Franky’s Strong Right nor Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no bazooka can knock them down, as they keep getting back up. Suddenly, Luffy is almost hit by a 36 pound cannon, after which a zombie named Jigoro appears. While Luffy is wondering why Jigoro is talking and performing his attacks just like Zoro, he is captured.

Franky and Robin have fought their way out onto a connecting bridge, but can’t go back to help Luffy or they’ll get the zombie generals too. On the other side, they see or hear Luffy in a coffin being transported by chain across the connecting bridge into the next building. Franky and Robin want to follow the coffin, but they are stopped by a monster spider monkey zombie general named Tararan. Now they can’t escape forwards or backwards.

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