One Piece Episode 345


Absalom orders the zombie generals to grab the Straw Hat Pirates. He is convinced that they will not stand a chance against the undead. After they leave, Lola, a warthog zombie, tries in vain to get Absalom to marry her. She even presents him with a marriage certificate for Absalom to sign, which Lola tries to force through. However, Absalom refuses and Lola tries to kiss him. Absalom angrily explains to her that he has already chosen a human girl from the pirates who have arrived to be his wife and shows Lola Nami’s wanted poster. She immediately leaves to kill Nami.

Luffy and his friends are walking down a corridor with Oinkchuck. Zoro thinks Sanji was right to get caught. However, he can’t imagine any of the 7 Samurai hanging around the island. Franky wonders what will happen if they lose their shadow as well. Robin is also interested in this and wants to check with Oinkchuck, but he claims he has no idea. Luffy explains that while he promised the old man he would retrieve their shadows, his friends go first, at which point the pig zombie tells them that the other Straw Hats are already lost. For this statement, Oinkchuck immediately collects a punch from Luffy. Zoro turns around for a moment, thinking he heard something, but it seems he was mistaken.

Perona’s Room: Perona tells Kumashi, her giant teddy bear zombie, to send the Risky Brothers to Moria’s dance hall with the coffin in which Nami, Chopper, and Usopp were placed after Ryuma’s attack when he sees them.

Meanwhile, the Risky Brothers have arrived at Perona’s Miracle Garden, where they accidentally trip and drop the coffin. The coffin has opened and Chopper has woken up. The Risky Brothers try to knock him unconscious again, but Chopper briefly knocks them out in his Heavy Point. He wakes up Usopp and Nami and the Risky Brothers take off to get help. The three Straw Hats realize they are on a connecting bridge between Hogback’s castle and another large building. Nami deduces that they should be taken to the large building so that they too can become zombies.

Nami thinks about the sentence of the box zombie from earlier, who said that the treasure is not hidden in the chest. The navigator, of course, wants to get it right away. While the three are deliberating where to go next, three scarred penguins appear in front of them, introducing themselves as the Penguin Zombie Trio, one of whom reveals himself to be the new guy. Behind Nami, Usopp, and Chopper, a large group of animal zombies that suddenly appear informs them that they are in Perona’s Miracle Garden, and the zombie koala gives the order to attack, while Nami, Usopp, and Chopper scream in panic.

Chopper also attacks and stops the onrushing animal zombies. Nami hides in a bush when a zombie kangaroo appears in front of Usopp and engages him in a small fight, which he is unable to win. Nami is discovered in the bushes and the two escape up a giant set of stairs in Perona’s Wonder Garden. Eventually, they end up back with Chopper, who has to deal with other animal zombies. He suggests resorting to fire, and Usopp remembers their confrontations in the graveyard and dining hall. But two of the Penguin Zombie trio thwart his attack and the long-nose is thrown to the ground. Chopper tries to rush to his aid, but is hit by a giant morning star from the zombie panda. Now a hippo zombie named Hippo Gentleman sets to attack Nami, but is saved by one of the penguin zombie trio. The penguin is the one who introduced himself as the new one of the trio earlier. The other animal zombies look at this one in wonder, wondering why he’s siding with the pirates. The penguin yells at them that he would rather die than hurt a woman.

Luffy’s group is still walking down the hall. Oinkchuck is giggling the whole time. Luffy presses in on the zombie because he just doesn’t want to reveal where Nami, Usopp, Chopper and Sanji are. Suddenly, Luffy notices that Zoro has now disappeared as well. Behind them, eyes glow in the darkness.

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