One Piece Episode 342


Hogback’s Castle, Dining Room: Usopp, Nami and Chopper are in danger. Encircled by castle zombies, they cannot escape through the locked door. The carpet bear comes again and attacks the trio. They are able to dodge and the Straw Hats save themselves in the fireplace. There a secret door opens behind them and they end up in a secret passage. They hold the secret door shut so that the castle zombies can’t follow them, but here too they are threatened by zombies. The three run on in panic and reach Cindry’s room at the end of the secret passage. Usopp, Nami and Chopper look around Cindry’s room. There are pictures of Cindry all over the wall, but apparently they are older ones because she doesn’t have any scars on them yet. Nami finds old newspaper articles that depict Cindry as a famous actress, not a maid on this island. The three also learn that Cindry died in a fatal accident ten years ago. Chopper speculates that they are then real zombies in the graveyard who have also risen from the dead. Usopp falls over a chest in fright, whereupon Nami immediately assumes there is treasure inside. However, a box zombie jumps out of it, immediately scaring the frightened trio out of the room. In the secret passageway, they encounter more zombies jumping out of the paintings on the wall, which steers the three in a different direction again. In front of the castle zombies now appears a mysterious zombie who wants to get the three.

Thriller Forest: While Robin has noticed that all the creatures they’ve encountered have scars and a number, they encounter a ghost they’ve met before on the Thousand Sunny. As the ghost dances in front of their noses, it clones itself into three ghosts, which Luffy of course immediately tries to capture with his net, however they slide through effortlessly. Franky tries his Fresh Fire, but they are immune to that as well. He is flown through by a ghost, immediately falling to his knees and wanting to die right away. Ghosts also fly through Luffy, whereupon he immediately joins Franky on his knees and becomes depressed just like him. Robin suspects that the ghosts have stolen their courage to live. Zoro is disappointed in them and calls them pathetic, but he too is flown through by a ghost and falls to his knees just like Franky and Luffy before. The three get back up, angry that they let the ghosts get them down, and continue on their way. Now they have also arrived at the Thriller Cemetery, where a zombie immediately rises from its grave and tries to scare Luffy. But the zombie stays calm and pushes him back into the ground. The zombie is annoyed and jumps out again. More numerous zombies rise from their graves. The Straw Hats are unimpressed and take them down with their 600 Million Berry Jackpot combo attack.

Hogback’s Castle, Lab: Nami, Usopp and Chopper have arrived at Hogback’s lab. They stop in front of the door and watch Hogback. The latter is in the process of finishing a corpse. The trio outside the door spy the numerous scars and a number on the upper arm. Now they are sure that Hogback is responsible for all the zombies and is reviving them. A man with a strange laugh suddenly appears behind them, offering to go straight to the lab if they’ve already discovered it.

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