One Piece Episode 341


Hogback’s Castle: Nami, Usopp & Chopper are on their way to the bathroom because Nami insists on washing up because she was touched by the zombies. She showers while Usopp and Chopper sit just outside the bathroom front and are ordered to watch the hallway on her command. While Nami showers, she plans to run off in the night, which the other two don’t think is a good idea. But Nami hits them both with some arguments, like that there are supposed to be a lot of other zombies in the mansion, disguised with portraits or something. But all of a sudden the conversation is interrupted by Nami being attacked by some invisible figure and pinned against the wall. This figure supposedly seems to want something from Nami, as he frantically gropes and paws at her. As a result, Usopp and Chopper immediately burst into the bathroom, scaring the invisible man away. For good measure, however, Usopp shoots his powder bullets after it once more. The fact that an invisible man was in the bathroom the whole time makes the three of them very thoughtful.

Thousand Sunny: The remaining remnant on the Thousand Sunny notice that the Merry, on which Nami, Usopp and Chopper were aboard, is also caught in the net. But before they can gather themselves first, Luffy once again plunges headlong into the fun and runs onto the Thriller Bark, bringing the rest along as well. After they run down a flight of stairs, they are suddenly met by Cerberus, who has also been chasing the other three. When Luffy is unimpressed with him and gets excited for the hellhound, Cerberus gets slightly rattled. Luffy tries to tame him, but Cerberus bites him in the head. The Straw Hat Captain does not show mercy and knocks him to the ground. He then serves as Luffy’s temporary mount.

The Straw Hats have now arrived in the Thriller Forest. Sanji calls for Nami, but in vain. After a short while, they notice a zombie tree having a drink with a zombie horse. Luffy is surprised, but also taken with the two. He and Franky capture the two to join the Straw Hat Pirates, which Sanji and Zoro fortunately manage to prevent.

Outside Hogback’s Castle: Hogback is furious at Absalom’s action in the bathroom. However, the Invisible Man has chosen Nami as the woman he wants to marry. Hogback retorts that he cannot do so, as she also has a bounty on her head that they want to collect.

Hogback’s Castle, Corridor: Usopp doesn’t want to believe Nami and explains that there are no invisibles. The long-nose just doesn’t want to believe that someone was bothering Nami and tries to change her mind after all, but Nami insists on her opinion. After another brief discussion, the trio reaches the dining hall. It’s dark and no one is present when the lights suddenly come on and Hildon is hanging from the chandelier. Usopp is pissed that he left her in the graveyard. Hildon tries to talk her way out of it, but more poorly than well. The bat zombie defiantly wants to lead them to their rooms, but the straw hats don’t trust him and want to get off the island as soon as possible. A voice speaks up, a woman from one of the paintings on the wall speaks, they have Hildon figured out. The woman jumps out of the painting and grabs Chopper. Nami tries to help him.

Oinkchuck speaks up, introducing himself as the leader of the castle zombies and throwing a sword at Usopp, which he manages to dodge. The rug Nami and Usopp are standing on turns out to be a large carpet bear, another zombie. Usopp now jumps from the zombie bear, which has risen, onto the chandelier and throws a chandelier candle at it. The zombie bear catches fire and Usopp throws more candles at the other zombies. Chopper, meanwhile, has broken away from the zombie painting. The three are fed up and finally want to get off the Thriller Bark, but unfortunately for them, the door is locked and the zombies are getting closer.

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