One Piece Episode 339


Nami notes that the log port is not pointing to the island. Brook tells her that Thriller Bark is originally from Westblue and that’s why the log port isn’t responding. The skeleton goes back to the dining room and gets his walking stick. He says that this is a happy day for him and jumps on the figurehead of the Thousand Sunny. Everyone is amazed at Brook’s light body, since he’s all bones and a suit. He advises the Straw Hats to break down the gate behind them and turn back, as it is dangerous to anchor on the island. He thanks them, jumps off the ship, and runs across the water to the island.

Nami wants to take Brook’s advice and turn around, but Luffy already has his adventurous grin on his face. Nami, Usopp and Chopper protest against this. Robin explains that the gate has closed and everyone is trapped. There is no escape as the ship is being driven towards the island. Chopper and Nami want to make it clear to the others that they have “I-can’t-land-on-this-island syndrome”. Already Luffy appears in full adventure gear including a catch net and basket. Usopp tries to talk some sense into Luffy, but he wants to find their new nakama, by which he means Brook, and demands a pirate lunch from Sanji, which Robin brings right away. Franky informs the others that they now need a smaller ship. He opens Channel 2 of the Soldier Dock system and the Mini Merry emerges. While this ship is meant to be a shopping boat, it is fitting in this situation. Nami, Chopper and Usopp immediately take it for a test drive and Luffy praises Franky’s idea. He’s really excited to see a small replica of the Going Merry and gives the cyborg a friendly pat on the back. The straw-hatted captain urges him to ride it too.

Suddenly you hear Nami scream. You can’t make out anything in the thick fog, but Robin is sure that the scream came from the island. Suddenly the anchor drops, although no one has touched it. The hatch to the ship’s interior also pops open. Luffy is knocked to the ground when suddenly one of Zoro’s swords flies at Luffy, but Franky kicks him out of the way ungently. The growl of a beast is heard and Sanji jumps off the ship, as he wants to save the others. But something grabs him by the leg and he flies into the side of the ship. Sanji is now floating and is thrown towards Zoro, where he lands face-first on the deck, unsteadily. Robin even gets licked by something. The Cook tries to help her, however he gets tripped up. High waves suddenly appear, apparently artificially created. Zoro orders Sanji to weigh anchor, otherwise they won’t be able to maneuver and may even sink.

Nami, Usopp, and Chopper have gone over one of the walls in the Mini Lamb and landed in a deep ditch on a pile of bones. Nami admits she didn’t pay attention to them being so close to the shore. Usopp and Chopper panic when they hear they are on Ghost Island, but Nami is able to calm them down. They decide to move on and after a few steps they see Cerberus, the guardian of the entrance to the Underworld. Immediately, they flee. Chopper notices that one of the heads is a fox. Depressed, the hellhound stops, but then runs after it even angrier than before. After they run up the stairs, Usopp shoots a smoke ball to confuse the hound. Sure enough, they have managed to save themselves up a tree. However, Usopp knows that the dog will soon track them down. Suddenly, Hildon, who looks like a bat, appears and admits that he has been spying on them. He wants to take the three of them in his carriage to Dr. Hogback’s castle. When Chopper hears the name Hogback, he is completely stunned.

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