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This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 8 – Chopper Man in Action!


TV Special 8 has nothing to do with the story of One Piece. It is also not set in the world of One Piece, but in present-day Japan. You meet the members of the Straw Hat Pirates in this special, but their names are slightly different and their abilities are partly different.
The main protagonist of the special is Chopper Man, a hero who protects the whole universe. One of his antagonists is the villain Dr. Usodabada, who wants to seize world domination with the help of his associates mutant lecher Sanjirops, rice ball mutant Zorokiller and flower mutant Robiflowan. Chopper Man is assisted by his assistant Namifia. Both parties still possess one robot each, Chopper Man the giant robot Luffy-Bomber and Usodabada the cyborg Frandasher.

Dr. Usodabada raids Fuji TV (The channel One Piece airs on in Japan) and usurps the TV program there, as he is looking for new members to join him. He plans to give the Air Force C-Max to the best one. But despite various broadcasts on TV, no one calls the call center.
Chopper Man shows up at the TV station first, as he would like to have the Air-Force-C-Max. However, Usodabada only gives him the model on one condition: Chopper Man is to lose to him on TV in a wrestling match. Although he doesn’t really like losing, Chopper Man accepts the condition.
Usodabada cherishes the hope that if he defeats Chopper Man, everyone would think he is the strongest man in the world. In fact, he is able to win the first few rounds, winning over the crowd. The call center is now receiving plenty of calls as well. But when Usodabada tells Chopper Man he won’t give him the model after all, Chopper Man is very sad and decides not to give up on the match after all. He uses one of his strongest attacks, the Kyuun Spark, and is able to get the crowd on his side. Usodabada now uses his deadly weapon, the cyborg Frandasher. But giant robot Luffy-Bomber is also on the spot and can defeat the cyborg. Likewise, Chopper Man can prevail against Dr. Usodabada and thus save the world.


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