One Piece Episode 335

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Luffy and Don Accino are still fighting, with the Don’s heat activating an underground volcano. The ice floes are thus beginning to melt, leaving Luffy and his friends little time to accomplish their goals. The Phoenix Pirates had already managed to save their ship from the penguins once. However, they now tried to attack the Sunny, but Franky intervened with his submarine and protected the ship from the penguins. Meanwhile, the rest of the Straw Hats have other things to worry about. Their flag seems to be floating in the air and out of reach. But with Lil’s help, who sends a bird, they get their flag back after all. Luffy then manages to defeat Don Accino in the decisive showdown. The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, before Luffy reaches the ship, manage to get the flag back to the Sunny and tell Luffy that it was never stolen. There is also rejoicing on the Phoenix Pirates’s ship, as the flag is back. Puzzle then also gives the order to sail, which everyone is even more excited about. Now that the underground volcano is finally erupting and the ice floes as well as the icebergs are melting, Luffy also gives the order to sail off. After moving a few meters away, the Straw Hat Pirates sees that there is nothing left of the ice islands.

On the Accino Family ship, Lil misses Robin. Salchow wants to scold Lil for helping the Straw Hat Pirates, but Arbell beats him to it. Arbell apologizes to Lil for neglecting Lil so much lately and promises to make it all up to her. Don Accino is being pulled along on a small ice floe, by a rope connected to the ship, still thinking about Luffy. Suddenly Brindo calls out to him, and he and Arbell, Salchow, Hockera and Lil present him with his birthday cake. But Accino, still slightly confused from the fight, thinks he sees Luffy’s straw hat instead of a cake, which makes him so angry again that he melts his ice floe and falls into the water. His family, of course, then immediately tries to help him. Meanwhile, Campacino attacks the Straw Hat Pirates again with an iceberg containing some men, but Puzzle interferes. He rams the iceberg and then charges it with his men. Puzzle tells Luffy that he wants to take care of Campacino. Luffy is told to sail on and they would meet again in the New World. Luffy does as he was told and sails on. Chopper asks Luffy why he isn’t saving them, but Luffy asks who he is supposed to save. When Chopper looks closer, he sees that the Phoenix Pirates is fighting tooth and nail and probably winning the fight. Luffy then orders his crew to set course for the New World again.

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