One Piece Episode 334

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Luffy faces Accino for battle, who uses the Atsu Atsu Fruit ability (Atsuatsu means “boiling hot”). Luffy has great difficulty at first as he is not allowed to touch his opponent because he doesn’t want to get burned. Sanji and Usopp take the opportunity to go back to Don Accino’s mansion to get the flag and Robin. After Puzzle and his crew also managed to defeat Campacino and the Penguins, they wanted to follow, but their ship was now stolen by the Penguins for revenge. Stansen and company wanted to take care of it while Puzzle, Chopper and Jiro search for the flags. At the Don’s mansion, Usopp and Sanji find Robin being held by Lil’s plant. Usopp and Sanji attempt to free Robin as she appeals to Lil’s conscience, but Usopp himself is swallowed by the plant’s flower and fires it from within with his Kabuto to make it release him and Robin. Then, when the concussion of Luffy and Don Accino’s fight causes the ceiling to collapse and threaten to crush Lil, Robin is able to save her. Lil then lets her go. Meanwhile at Luffy and Don Accino’s place, Luffy goes into Gear 2 mode and fires the Don into his own mansion. At the same time, Chopper and Jiro find their flags and are about to take them off the wall when Don Accino flies through it and the roof. Chopper and Jiro go to protect their flags from the falling ceiling pieces, but are nearly crushed by them themselves had Zoro and Puzzle not saved them. The Don is now more than angry with Luffy, as touching his collection has burned some flags and the rest are now floating through the air. The Don flies back to Luffy with nose steam and gets hotter and hotter. Meanwhile, Chopper is about to proudly present the flag to the joined Usopp, Sanji, and Robin, but realizes in shock that he accidentally grabbed the wrong one earlier when the Don flew through the wall and fears that the real one is now burned.

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