One Piece Episode 332

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Luffy has to continue fighting with Brindo and Campacino. They think they have an advantage on the ice because Luffy slips, but they slip too. Hockera, meanwhile, has arrived in Lovely Land with the submarine. He destroys the ice layer, allowing Franky and Nami to finally get out. But this does them precious little good, as they are now stuck in an ice cave with steep walls. There they also meet Usopp and Sanji, who have been overpowered by Salchow and Arbell. Zoro now confronts Don Accino for battle to reclaim the flag. Accino reveals his devilish powers, which he obtained from the Heat-Heat Fruit. When Zoro then damages his beloved collection of flags, he goes completely berserk. Sanji, Franky and Usopp try to damage the ice walls with attacks like Toroaième Haché, Strong Hammer and various attacks from Usopp, but to no avail. The bounty hunters have them in a hole they can’t get out of. Nami and Franky have an idea. They plan to use Franky’s Coup de Boo to escape up through the opening where the bounty hunters are standing. However, their plan is thwarted by Hockera. They are informed of Accino’s freak out and immediately rush to him after sealing the opening.

They talk at Accino, but he does not calm down. When Zoro tries to attack him, he unceremoniously disappears through a trapdoor and finds himself with the other prisoners of the Straw Hat Pirates. Brindo and Campacino also flee from Luffy to Lovely Land to calm Accino down. While Sanji and Zoro are arguing once again, Robin shows up, but instead of helping her friends, she disappears with Lil. Luffy returns to the ship of the Phoenix Pirates. The captive Straw Hats now receive their rations. Thanks to Robin, there are also three bottles of Coke. Franky can use them to replenish his power reserves and frees himself and the rest with two air cannons.

Luffy and Chopper now also want to make their way to Lovely Land. Jiro desperately wants to come along and retrieve the flag of the Phoenix Pirates. Puzzle forbids him to go along. Jiro then tells him about Bigalo and his belief in Puzzle becoming king of the pirates. He takes courage, but Luffy objects. He will be king of the pirates, but Jiro’s good will counts for him, too. Finally, Jiro does go, and Luffy yells towards Lovely Land that he wants his flag back. Everyone hears him. Now comes the decisive battle for the Straw Hat Pirates’s Jolly Roger.

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