One Piece Episode 331

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Usopp and Sanji still have to deal with the skating duo Salchow and Arbell, while Brindo is now the prisoner of the Phoenix Pirates. Luffy keeps demanding his flag back, but Brindo only ever names one place, Lovely Land. Don Accino is very impatient and is already waiting for his long-awaited Jolly Roger of the Straw Hat Pirates. Campacino tries to calm him down. Franky and Nami are meanwhile already gift-wrapped and transported to Lovely Land. Robin continues to playfully try to get Lil to talk, but she continues to express herself unclearly to Robin. Sanji and Usopp work together after some initial difficulties and are able to attack Salchow, but their joy is short-lived, because shortly after they fall into the freezing water and are put through the wringer by penguins. A little later they are fished out of the water half-frozen and bitten by the birds. Brindo’s brother Campacino rushes to the aid of his twin brother. The two have magnetic powers. They can attract or repel each other. Luffy suspects a devil power, but it is pure twin power. The two now fight together against Luffy, who is separated by Chopper and the Phoenix Pirates. The twins seem to be a real match for Luffy. They try to throw him into the water several times and easily dodge his attacks. Zoro runs into Don Accino in Lovely Land and is invited by him for a few drinks. As the two engage in conversation, a flying fish brings the Straw Hat Pirates’s Jolly Roger. Zoro recognizes him and gets angry. Accino now shows his true colors. He reveals himself to be a bounty hunter.

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