One Piece Episode 328

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The troop continues to wander the ice road. Usopp finds it abnormal how the icebergs move here. Nami has noticed this as well. They block their way and want to guide them somewhere. When another iceberg is in their way, Zoro simply cuts it up and the Sunny sails on.

Meanwhile, on the other ship, Puzzle, the captain of the Phoenix pirate gang, regains consciousness. He asks what happened. Jiro tells him again about the incident in the New World. There they were attacked by a troop of bounty hunters. They were clearly outnumbered and tried to flee, but the attackers did not give up. Bigalo then sacrificed himself and disabled the rudder of the pursuers so that the rest of the gang could escape. However, he paid for this action with his life. The crew then vowed to protect their captain Puzzle at all costs. They lied to the Accino Family and told them that their Captain Puzzle, worth 100,000,000 berries, would have perished as well.

As Puzzle then walks out onto the deck, everyone rejoices that the phoenix has been brought back to life. Luffy and Chopper now want to say goodbye. They and the Phoenix pirate gang want to meet again in the New World, but Puzzle objects. He doesn’t want to go back to the New World. He’s afraid someone might get killed trying again, plus he thinks Stansen’s solution of working for the Accino Family is the smartest. He also advises Luffy against going to the New World, saying it’s a completely different caliber than the Grand Line. Luffy, however, says that it’s nothing new, and besides, he’s very strong. Puzzle remembers that Bigalo had also warned him about the New World at the time, but he only replied that he was a phoenix. He now regrets his cockiness. His crew can’t understand the decision at all. Chopper wants Luffy to help the pirates, but Luffy believes that they are no longer pirates since they have given up their flag.

As they are about to return to the Sunny, sharp icebergs suddenly appear from the water and cut the tow rope. Luffy and Chopper are now separated from the rest of the gang. Both the Sunny and the Phoenix Pirates ship come to a dead end. Luffy simply destroys the ice with his gum-gum powers. The Sunny sails on with the help of the paddle wheels. Franky refills the Coke tank and thinks they’ll need it very soon to get out of here.

Some followers of the Accino Family are watching the ship of the Phoenix Pirates. They have now discovered Puzzle and immediately tell Brindo about it. He is already on his way to the Phoenix Pirates and wants to take revenge for this lie, but is happy about 100,000,000 Berry extra for Papa.

Meanwhile, Salchow, Arbell, Hockera and Lil show up at the Sunny. They demand the Straw Hat Pirates to surrender. Salchow then kisses his wife Arbell and Sanji immediately gets jealous. Nami then says that they don’t have time to play and they will leave now. Arbell is confused and asks them how they’re going to do that since they’re encased in ice. That’s when Franky activates the Coup de Burst and the Sunny flies away from the attackers. Salchow notifies Campacino of the problem. Don Accino points to his collection of flags and asks for just the flag for now. Lil then calls out the flying fish, who steals the Jolly Roger from the Straw Hat Pirates. Usopp also notices that Zoro is no longer there. He is standing somewhere on an iceberg and wonders where the others have got lost again.

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