One Piece Episode 326

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The Straw Hat Pirates continues their journey after their adventures on Water 7 and Enies Lobby. They have just halfway explored their new ship, the Thousand Sunny, when it suddenly begins to snow. They sail into the waters of a winter island. Luffy, Usopp, and especially Chopper are excited to finally see real snow again. Suddenly, Zoro reports from the lookout that he’s spotted a ship. It has no sails set, no flag on the mast, and is also badly damaged. It’s just floating around. Luffy decides to take a closer look. That’s when Zoro reports that three people have now shown themselves. Usopp also recognizes them through his glasses and tells them that they probably want to go fishing.

The ship belongs to the Phoenix pirate gang. When the gang notices the Straw Hat Pirates’s Jolly Roger, they are all panicked and want to surrender without a fight. Luffy, Franky and Robin have come aboard and inquire why the ship is in such a state. The crew claims to consist only of fishermen who have recently been attacked by pirates. Luffy wants to help them and offers them some food. Everyone enthusiastically agrees, but before they do, they are all treated by Chopper, as they all have minor injuries. However, Jiro, one of them, doesn’t want to eat. Instead, he asks Chopper to treat one more patient and leads him over to their ship. In a secret room, Puzzle lies hidden. Chopper is shocked at his bad injury and immediately operates on him. Afterwards, he says that Puzzle is still not out of the woods, as the wound had become infected.

Stansen, meanwhile, gets a call on the Den-den Mushi. On the other end of the line is a man with a pile of wanted posters. When Stansen describes the Jolly Roger of pirates to him, the man realizes that it’s the Straw Hat Pirates, whose total bounty is over 600 million berries. He gives orders to incapacitate them and then wait with them until he himself arrives. Stansen agrees and ends the call.

Change of scene to the Sunny. Here everyone is eating peacefully together. The fishermen are very grateful. As proof, Stansen gives the Straw Hat Pirates a barrel of liquor. Usopp wonders why they have nothing left to eat, but still have gallons of liquor. While the Straw Hat Pirates is on the deck with Stansen, the fishermen stay in the dining room. One of them brings out vials of poison. Then they all return to the dining room. Stansen wants to take the Straw Hat Pirates to give them more alcohol. Luffy is immediately interested and agrees. Nami reminds him again that if they go to another island, their log port will no longer point to Fish-Man Island. They then set sail and tow the fisherman’s ship behind them. Shortly after, all the straw hats are suddenly asleep.

On deck, the fishermen now sit and discuss the next step. Some of them feel guilty because the Straw Hat Pirates has been so good to them, but Stansen insists on carrying out the order. However, their conversation is interrupted by Franky. Everyone is surprised as to why he isn’t sleeping. That’s when Sanji replies that his food reeked of poison and that’s why they didn’t eat it. With Robin, there are now three of them.

Then the clock strikes 12 midnight. That’s the starting signal for Dad’s birthday party. At least, that’s what everyone present calls it. Now on this particular birthday, a Den-den Mushi rings. One of the guests picks up and talks to the man who has already been on the phone with Stansen. The latter reports that they are dealing with the Straw Hat Pirates, worth over 600 million berries, and that they have now cut off their escape route. The man thanks him for the good news and then heads back to the party.

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