One Piece Episode 325


Banaro, Grand Line, three days earlier: Marshall D. Teach reads about the events of Enie’s Lobby. He intends to capture Straw Hat Luffy on Water 7 and deliver him to the World Government. As they are about to leave, Ace, Teach’s former superior, sits on top of one of the houses in town and stops them. Blackbeard addresses him by the title of captain, but to Ace this is an insult. Ace makes it clear to Blackbeard that he wants to kill him, but before he does, Blackbeard makes him an offer to join his gang. With him, he wants to capture Luffy, but when Ace hears this, he orders Blackbeard not to touch a hair on his head, since Luffy is his little brother. Ace refuses Blackbeard’s offer and is then shot by Van Augur, but the bullets pass through him. Ace then attacks Ogre with the fire pistol. Now Jesus Burgess also interferes and throws a whole house down on Ace, but he is able to fend it off with the fire pillar. Blackbeard makes it clear to his men that they don’t stand a chance against Ace, and is also immediately attacked by a fire fist, which he gets full on. He gets up and tells how he killed Thatch for getting the devil fruit he wanted for himself. That was also the reason he joined Whitebeard’s gang. Now it becomes clear what kind of devil fruit Blackbeard ate: It’s the dark fruit, a logia fruit!

The battle between Ace and Blackbeard has begun. They talk about the incredibly cowardly murder of Thatch, as well as the dark fruit and its incredible power. Meanwhile, Blackbeard’s people know what their captain is capable of, so they flee to safety. At the same time, the people of Banaro also flee to a forest near the town. Meanwhile, Blackbeard tries to impress Ace with his new power by swallowing the entire town in a giant black hole. Ace, however, seems unimpressed.

After absorbing the entire city, he also releases it, with the components of it falling from the sky in pieces. Suddenly, Ace attacks with the attack Firefly Light, which just knocks Blackbeard out. To Ace’s amazement, Blackbeard is injured by the attack, despite his Logia power.

A heated battle begins, in which both give nothing to each other. When Ace tries to attack Blackbeard again, he is drained of his devil power, apparently another ability of the dark fruit. In this way, Blackbeard manages to land a real hit, which clearly hurts Ace. Now Blackbeard tries to suck Ace in again with his Black Vortex, but he is just able to save himself with his sea glow. Blackbeard, with two fire spears now in his body, knocks Ace back into the city rubble. He nearly breaks the fireman’s neck. Blackbeard extinguishes the spears using his devil power while Ace continues to attack.

The townspeople can’t believe how the pirates are destroying their town. At the same moment, Blackbeard’s men are seen retreating to a rock to watch the battle. Van Augur thinks Ace has incredible strength, even without his devil power. He always thought devil fruit users relied too much on their devil power.

After some time Blackbeard has wrestled Ace to the ground. He again suggests him to join his gang, but Ace would never do so, otherwise he would regret it. It comes to the use of the final attacks of the two. Ace, who has already been badly hurt by Blackbeard, uses his Fire Emperor. He wants to make Whitebeard the pirate king. Blackbeard in return summons a dark cloud and a confrontation ensues.

The fight is over and you can see Ace’s hat lying in the sand. The winner of the duel is unknown. This fight is the trigger of an approaching gigantic event.

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