One Piece Episode 323


Present: Vice Admiral Garp’s men have spotted the Straw Hat Pirates at the ship’s graveyard and are on their way there. Garp is venting about Sengoku’s order and is annoyed to have to hunt down Luffy’s gang after all. Admiral Aokiji is also on the navy ship, lounging. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates takes off in their new ship. Nami and Chopper are worried because Usopp still hasn’t shown up. Franky asks if he is really sure about leaving without him.

Flashback, Galley-La House: Sanji tells them that he saw Usopp, who was practicing his return to the gang on the coast. Luffy, of course, is immediately happy and goes to get him, but Zoro stops him. Zoro can’t forgive Usopp until he admits his mistake and apologizes to Luffy. He says that Usopp challenged Luffy to a duel, lost, and quit on his own. If Luffy now asked him to return to the gang, Luffy would lose his respect for his pirate gang and they would fall apart. If Luffy did that, Zoro would quit as well. He wants to leave him on Water 7 in case Usopp doesn’t realize his mistake. Nami wants to protest, but Zoro interrupts her. Sanji agrees with Zoro (for once). With heavy hearts, they accept Zoro’s proposal and wait the last few days before their new ship is ready for Usopp to apologize.

Downtown: Usopp is on his way to the ship’s graveyard, fantasizing about his “grand” return to the Straw Hat Pirates.

Ship Graveyard: Nami asks Luffy for more time to wait for Usopp, as they are in no hurry, but the question goes unanswered. Suddenly, the ship is attacked by a cannonball and Vice Admiral Garp’s ship appears. Garp speaks with a megaphone to his grandson, who wonders why his grandpa wants to arrest him after all. Garp poorly answers Luffy’s question with a poor excuse and demands a cannonball from his men, which Garp immediately throws at Luffy’s crew and ship with his bare hands. The cannonball narrowly misses them, however, whereupon the Straw Hat Pirates marvels at Garp’s strength and speed. The Vice Admiral demands 1,000 cannonballs, takes off his cloak, and now really starts the cannon hail!

Usopp, meanwhile, has arrived at the edge of the city and wonders why the ship has already left. He runs down the ruined stairs and jumps into the ship’s graveyard. Garp unleashes his Genkotsu meteor shower and the Straw Hat Pirates has all the trouble they need to deal with this hail of bullets. Luffy ignores Chopper’s pleas to turn back and pick up Usopp. The latter is currently trying to rejoin the gang and is banging out all sorts of spells to make this happen, but he is ignored. As the Straw Hat Pirates moves further and further away from Water 7, Usopp sinks to his knees and can’t believe they don’t want him back when he fought bravely on Enie’s lobby. He finally takes heart and apologizes loudly and howls for his stupid behavior. He begs them to take him back. Luffy immediately makes use of his rubber powers and stretches his arm towards Usopp. Luffy calls out to him just as tearfully as Usopp to grab his hand. With that, the Straw Hat Pirates is complete again, and all strife is forgotten.

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