One Piece Episode 321


Water 7, Galley-La Headquarters: The Straw Hat Pirates is finally about to leave Water 7 to set course for Fish Man Island on their new ship. Zoro makes sure the others know what to do in case Usopp shows up, to which Luffy replies in the affirmative. Sanji still reacts extremely disturbed about his drawn wanted poster. When Zoro thinks he got a good shot, the Cook stammers out some unintelligible words. Nami also can’t believe she now has a wanted poster and is annoyed at having her picture taken. Chopper also whines about his wanted poster, but not because he’s afraid of bounty hunters, but because he has a bounty that’s way too low. After Nami thanks Chimney and Gonbe, the Straw Hats head off to receive their new ship from Franky and the Galley-La.

Marine HQ: Attack, who is responsible for the wanted poster photos, is asked why he couldn’t take a proper wanted poster photo of Sanji and why he had to trace it. He replies that the picture turned black and he has no idea how that was possible. It turns out that he just forgot to take off the lens cap of the camera.

Water 7, Ship Graveyard: The Straw Hat Pirates has arrived and Iceberg, unveiling the new ship instead of Franky, presents them with their new ship. All the Straw Hats are immediately impressed and explore the ship. Luffy rolls onto the deck on the new lawn, while Robin admires the size of the deck. Iceberg explains to Nami that the sails are gaff sails, which are only suitable for professionals and would lead to shipwreck for inexperienced navigators. Nami is excited about this “challenge to her skills”. Meanwhile, Sanji rummages through the ship’s new kitchen and discovers a lockable refrigerator he’s always wanted so Luffy doesn’t eat everything away. Luffy wants to thank Franky for this great ship and asks Iceburg where he is. Iceburg guesses that Luffy must want to hire him for his crew and counters that Franky can’t bring himself to turn down this offer because he’s dying to go to sea with the Straw Hat Pirates, but he feels he has to stay on Water 7. Iceburg advises Luffy that he should try force to persuade Franky.

Franky House: The Franky Family can’t believe Franky is sitting here relaxing. Zambai asks him if he doesn’t want to go with Luffy. However, the latter criticizes the newly assembled Franky House for having a reason that he can’t leave them alone. Zambai correctly notes that Franky is hiding from the Straw Hat Pirates. They know full well that Franky would enjoy sailing along with them, because he was already really happy when they were building the ship. Zambai shows Franky his new wanted poster and says that it’s getting too dangerous for him in Water 7. Franky, however, doesn’t care and insists his Franky Family would sink without him.

Suddenly Tamagon knocks Franky over and rips off his underpants. The Franky Family takes to their heels to lure Franky to the Straw Hats. Franky is visibly angry and rushes after them and a fierce chase ensues for Franky’s “Battle Pants”. Franky chases the Franky Family through the city, taking them down one by one, but they keep passing the underpants to each other so that their owner can’t get his hands on them. The town is in an uproar and even cops have stepped in to stop the perverted Franky, but to no avail.

After all the members of the Franky Family have been eliminated, Luffy offers to pass the underpants. The latter immediately flees with the underpants towards the ship’s graveyard. Casually, the two talk about the new ship and Franky mentions a few highlights. Franky now attacks Luffy as well. The latter fits Chopper’s pants. The Franky Family members still standing now roll up in front of Franky with a cannon. He gets stuffed into it by Zoro and Sanji and is fired towards the ship’s graveyard. Here Franky also lands upside down in the ground, accompanied with astonished looks at his nakedness. Luffy, having transported himself and Chopper to the graveyard with a gum-gum rocket, holds Franky’s underpants in the air, thanks Franky for the ship, and gives him one condition: If he wants his Battle Pants back, he has to join the Straw Hat Pirates!

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