One Piece Episode 320


Franky, Iceburg, the Galley-La craftsmen, and Yokuzuna work diligently on the Straw Hat Pirates’s new ship. Paulie, Peepley Lulu, and Tilestone are impressed by Franky’s and Iceburg’s stamina and speed, doing an excellent job despite this speed of construction. When Iceburg looks at Franky’s blueprints, he notices that Franky has improved a lot. He thinks that by building the Battle Frankys of old, he has become a real genius. He says that the ship is certainly capable of sailing all the way to the New World. Franky is touched by these words. Grandma Kokoro can’t believe that Iceburg and Franky would one day work together. She remembers old times, how they used to fight when they were Tom’s apprentices. As Iceburg turns to leave, Franky explains to him that he’s building this particular ship for a notorious gang of pirates who have been messing with the world government, so Iceburg should be careful that it doesn’t get out that he helped build this ship. Iceburg waves it off and says I’m sure there wouldn’t be any problems. Franky remembers Tom and his view of different ships. Also, the day he tried to free Tom from the Puffing Tom, nearly dying himself in the process, and then rebuilt himself into a cyborg out of scrap metal. When he and Iceburg met afterwards in Water 7, Iceburg was very glad that his friend was still alive, even though they fought constantly.

Usopp walks around outside the Galley-La house and tries out some spells to convince the Straw Hat gang to let him rejoin the team. When he steps outside the windows and peers into the house, he recognizes the Straw Hats with serious looks. Immediately he thinks this is due to his absence and wants to draw attention to himself, however this attempt fails and Usopp moves away.

Ship Graveyard: The Franky Family brings some food to the craftsmen. At a campfire, Iceburg asks Franky what he plans to do when he’s done with the new ship and if his dream would really be fulfilled if he just hands the ship over to the Straw Hat Pirates and doesn’t sail on with them. The latter, however, wants to stay on Water 7 and doesn’t even dream of accompanying the Straw Hats. While the other craftsmen are still very exhausted, Tom’s former apprentices go back to work. In his mind, Franky is glad that he has met such a great pirate crew to whom he can entrust his dream.

In the meantime, three whole days have already passed and the day of the unveiling of the ship is getting closer and closer. The log port has also fully charged in the meantime. But then Nami notices that the log port is pointing slightly downwards, whereupon Grandma Kokoro tells them the reason. The next island they’ll head to is Fish Man Island, which is completely underwater. Sanji is excited as he will meet mermaids there, but then has to think of Kokoro as a mermaid. Depressed, he hits the ground. According to Kokoro, however, there are quite a few dangers on the way to the next island. For example, there’s the mysterious triangle, where ghosts are said to exist and ships and their crew keep disappearing without a trace. Luffy is of course looking forward to the living skeletons mentioned by Kokoro and the dangers to come. But then the Mozu and Kiwi arrive and announce that their ship is ready – two days ahead of schedule. Just as they’re about to run down to the ship’s graveyard, the Straw Hats are immediately met by the Franky Family, who has one more message for them. The entire Straw Hat gang has gotten new wanted posters!

“Straw Hat”Luffy: 300 million berry,”Pirate Hunter” Roronoa Zoro: 120 million berry, “Devil Girl” Nico Robin: 80 million berry,”Thieving Cat” Nami: 16 million berry,”Sweet Mouth” Chopper (pet): 50 berry,”Blackfoot”Sanji: 77 million berry, however there was no photo for his mugshot, so a composite sketch was drawn, which Sanji finds disfigures him. However, King of the Snipers Sogeking also gets a bounty of 30 million berry. Last but not least, the Franky Family puts a wanted poster in front of the Straw Hats:“Cyborg“Franky: 44 million berry. Now the Franky Family suggests to the Straw Hats to take Franky with them, since he is not safe in Water 7.

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