One Piece Episode 319

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Sanji is shopping with Chimney and Gonbe in Water 7. Suddenly, they run into Nami and Robin, who are surrounded by reporters. One reporter makes a suggestion to do a photo shoot of the ladies in bikinis. Sanji imagines the scene, thrilled until it occurs to him that a photo shoot is where everyone can look at the photos, and he then angrily chases the reporters away. After his action, he wants to spend some time alone with the girls, but Chimney and Gonbe are hungry and want to go out to eat with Sanji. After Nami sides with Chimney, Sanji agrees, albeit reluctantly. Sanji asks Chimney if she knows of a good restaurant. She answers in the affirmative and leads Sanji to the ship’s restaurant owned by old man Banba-Ji, a friend of Grandma Kokoro.

Arriving, they see two men ranting about Banba-Ji’s food, which makes Sanji feel queasy. On the ship, they see a sleeping, obviously drunk grandpa who can’t be woken up. As a result, Sanji wants to cook for himself. He is impressed by the kitchen and the utensils.

While he is cooking, Grandpa wakes up and asks him where he learned to cook. He replies that he learned it at the baratié. The old man seems to know the head chef of the baratié, Zeff. Sanji is surprised. When asked what he is doing on the Grand Line, Sanji replies that he is looking for the All Blue. Banba-Ji says that the All Blue really does exist. Sanji is thrilled.

As Sanji and the kids are about to leave the restaurant, Banba-Ji gets up and wants to cook something for them. At first, Sanji is skeptical, but after tasting the simple dish, Sanji is intrigued. He would like to know why the cooked food tastes so unique and is sure: The secret lies in the spices!

Since the old man won’t tell him anything about his cooking secret, Sanji sets out to find the mysterious spice. He can’t find it in any spice store, even though Water 7’s stores have the largest selection of spices. During his search, he meets some Galley-La employees who are on their lunch break eating rice balls. They invite Sanji to join them for lunch. Since Sanji wants to take a break, he agrees. He bites into the rice ball and recognizes the heavenly taste. He is told that the rice balls come from Banba-Ji. Since rice balls are made of rice and salt, and the taste of rice can’t change on its own, the heavenly must come from the salt.

Immediately he sprints back to the old man and presents him with his conclusion. He was right.

The secret of Banba-Ji’s cooking lies in the salt that washes up on the Aqua Laguna every year. The salt is said to have been washed up with the Aqua Laguna from the sea All Blue, the paradise of all cooks. The sun causes the seawater to evaporate, leaving the salt on the rooftops flooded by the Aqua Laguna. Sanji is immediately on fire and collects bags of the salt. He thanks the old man and promises to tell him about the All Blue the next time they meet.

Shortly before he leaves, he asks him why the two men did not taste his food at the beginning. Banba-Ji answers that the men had a long journey behind them, their sense of taste was not yet working properly and that they would only taste the food properly after some time and then come back. And look, here they come! Chimney and Gonbe walk home alone.

On the way back, Sanji encounters Usopp, who is in the process of devising strategies for his return home to the Straw Hat Pirates.

In the evening, he cooks a feast for the crew with the salt, and everyone digs in. They notice that Sanji’s food is especially delicious today. Sanji is pleased.

Meanwhile, the Galley-La boys, Franky and Iceburg continue building the new ship.

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