One Piece Episode 318

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Zoro is walking through Water 7 looking for a new sword. Suddenly he meets Michael and Hoichael. The two want Zoro to be their big brother. Zoro tries to get rid of them, but the two keep finding him. The three then eventually meet the rest of the “family”. The mother is a foster mother. All of the children are therefore not related to her. Michael and Hoichael tell her that they have found a new big brother. The mother takes them at their word and brings Zoro home with them. He is now expected to help out around the house like everyone else. In the process, he gets peed on by a baby and had to change his shirt. Zoro wants to disappear all the time, but is always stopped.

The mother had debts, which she has paid back, but her creditors still want the interest and compound interest. The mother can’t and won’t pay them, so they get physical right away, but Zoro is able to chase them away. Afterwards the family including Zoro goes shopping. While shopping, Zoro encounters his friends loaded with three babies, but they are not allowed to see him like that under any circumstances, so he runs away. Robin gets to see him anyway, but promises not to tell anyone.

When the mother finally realizes that Zoro has friends waiting for him, she lets him go, but the loan sharks were just waiting for Zoro to disappear. They are able to defeat the mother and children with the help of some goons and Mikazukis. Hoichael sets out to find Zoro. When he finds him, the swordsman comes along and is able to defeat Moon Sickle with the blow 72 Sense Phoenix. Afterwards, the family says goodbye to Zoro, but he has forgotten his t-shirt, which has since been cleaned. The family chases Zoro as the sun sets over Water 7.

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