One Piece Episode 317

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Luffy and Chopper stroll through Water 7. The people in town recognize them and thank them for the party. In the middle of the crowd, Abi crawls out and asks Luffy to help her. She wants him to help her find her Yagara Aobire, who has been missing since the last Aqua Laguna. The people advise him against it and tell Abi that she could check out Tsui Village, the place where Yagaras are said to go when they know they’re about to die. However, this makes the little girl very angry. She desperately wants to find her Yagara and even offers Luffy her entire life savings as payment. Luffy finally agrees and sets off with Chopper and Abi to find her.

On a Yagara, they first ride to the top of Water 7, as Luffy thinks they’ll get the best view from there, spotting Zoro, but not Aobire. They then head back down to the city, where they meet Nami and Robin. Luffy asks Robin if she can find the Yagara with her devil powers, but to no avail. So the three of them move on, questioning Galley-La employees, the Franky family, Grandma Kokoro, and other acquaintances from town along the way. But since all this remains without success, Chopper asks a Yagara, from whom he learns that he heard Aobire’s voice. Abi then, seeing some happy girls with their Yagaras, remembers the night of Aqua Laguna when old Aobire disappeared. Suddenly, a shred of the scarf Abi gave Aobire washes up and more shreds also follow from a nearby opening to an underground tunnel.

So Luffy, Chopper and Abi go in with their Yagara to continue searching there. Further inside the tunnel, however, there is no more water, so they continue the search without their Yagara. In the process, they pass through a ruined city, at the sight of which Abi explains to the two Straw Hats that in Water 7, the new buildings were simply built over the old ones.
At the end of a corridor, Abi suddenly sees a green light. She thinks Aobire must be there, so she runs towards it. Suddenly, the three of them step into a puddle that isn’t a puddle and sink into the water. Gradually they lose consciousness. When they regain consciousness, they are lying in the ruins again. However, Chopper thinks that this is Tsui Village. Behind Abi the green light appears again with Aobire. Abi wants to go home together with Aobire, but he tells her with Chopper as translator that he found peace here. It was Aobire’s spirit that spoke to them. After the spirit disappeared again, all the Yagaras as well as the King Bulls throughout Water 7 started screaming, and Abi finds a screaming, weakened baby Yagara wrapped in Aobire’s scarf shortly after. Aobire left the house during Aqua Laguna, noticing a baby Yagara that almost got swept away by Aqua Laguna. He rescued it and gave it his scarf. Aobire lured them to the place for Abi to find the baby and take care of it.
Finally, Abi is overjoyed to have a new Yagara and wants to give Luffy her life savings as promised, but he refuses, saying that Abi must take care of the baby after all.

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