One Piece Episode 316


The two station officials of the Blue Station run frantically through the streets of Water 7. They talk crazy stuff about Paulie and the Galley-La. Only afterwards it turns out that the supposed wedding of Nami and Paulie is meant. The officers are still firmly convinced that the two are a couple. The two think the party at the pool is the lavish wedding celebration.

The party is still in full swing. Usopp sings one Sogeking praise after another, there is dancing, drinking and eating. Sanji dazzles the children in attendance with a cooking show that is nothing short of amazing. Zoro, with the active help of Tilestone and Peepley Lulu, destroys enormous amounts of beer, the mood is great.

There is no sign of a party atmosphere on the Red Force. They sail between several shipwrecks. These are naval ships that wanted to prevent the meeting of Shanks and Whitebeard. The world government had ordered the barricade, but it was obviously useless against the two pirate teams. The Five Elders are shocked at the news that the meeting of the two mighty pirates has taken place after all.

The party on Water 7 is over by now. While most of the guests are having a good sleep, Iceburg is already working on plans to turn Water 7 into a ship.

Meanwhile, Shanks asks Whitebeard by Morse code for permission to meet him. The latter grants it and the meeting begins. He says, with a glance at the Red Force, that Shanks had better have brought something really good to drink.

The Red Force is now alongside the much larger Moby Dick and Shanks comes aboard. Marco tells all the weaker crew members to stay away. They don’t understand and refuse, whereupon they all fall over unconscious. They were not strong enough to face a pirate with such a powerful aura and confidence as Shanks. Even Whitebeard finds his aura, which even puts the hull of the Moby Dick to the test, impressive. The stronger crew members withstand this mental pressure, but they are tense despite themselves. Shanks apologizes for his brutality. He says he has to be careful on an enemy’s ship now. Whitebeard says that just the sight of him is enough to make the wounds he inflicted hurt again. Shanks, however, tries to reassure him. He has no intention of fighting, he says, and he brought some “medicine” with him, pointing to a huge jug of sake. Marco and Jôzu still act suspiciously, and Whitebeard isn’t really convinced of peaceful intentions either after Shanks sends most of his crew packing. Shanks just quips if Marco doesn’t want to join his crew. Finally, Whitebeard seems to believe Shanks and tells them to leave them alone.

They drink the sake that Shanks has brought from his homeland and talk about the New World. Whitebeard also inquires how Buggy is doing, since he was once on Gol D. Roger’s ship, the Oro Jackson, with Shanks. Shanks says that there are rumors that he is still a pirate somewhere. This shows that Buggy, who was captured by Smoker, is a really unimportant pirate. Then Whitebeard tells everyone that they were shocked when Shanks lost his arm. He asks what opponent he met in East Blue that was powerful enough to cut off his arm. Shanks recalls his time in the Foosha Village and says that it was an investment in the next generation of pirates. Whitebeard says that’s not a problem as long as Shanks is comfortable with it. Shanks finishes the small talk and says that he has suffered many wounds in his life, but the worst and most painful are the ones over his left eye. These wounds were not from any adventure, he says, nor were they inflicted by Mihawk. They were inflicted by someone in the Whitebeard gang, namely Blackbeard. He says that Blackbeard is dangerous, and that he will also attack Whitebeard at some point. Therefore, Whitebeard should stop Ace, as he has no chance against Blackbeard. Furthermore, he should stop any action against Blackbeard. Whitebeard can only laugh at this. He says that Blackbeard killed a comrade, this is the worst crime a pirate can commit. Whitebeard says that he considers everyone in his gang, no matter how stupid, to be his son. He says that it is his duty to hunt Teach down, and he won’t let Shanks tell him what to do or not do in a hundred years. A fight ensues.

On Water 7, the Franky Family is rebuilding the Franky House when the newspaper arrives. Tamagon reads aloud that the Franky Family is not mentioned in a single word. Zambai is relieved at this, as he now doesn’t have to leave Water 7. Sanji asks Luffy if maybe Garp had a hand in this, labeling the Frankys as innocent hangers-on. Luffy doesn’t even have to think long before he denies that. Robin thinks that only Admiral Aokiji could be behind this. He’s someone you just don’t understand, she says. She doesn’t voice that thought out loud, though. Zoro thinks that there are really bad things in the papers about the Straw Hat Pirates, and that the bounties would surely increase. This causes Sanji and Chopper to dream of heroic images and horrendous sums.

Meanwhile, Franky is working on the new ship for the Straw Hat Pirates when Iceburg, Paulie, Peepley Lulu and Tilestone come to help. Franky is visibly touched, even though he tries to cover it up. Meanwhile, Luffy has also learned that Franky is building a new ship and is excited. Nami wants to go shopping for a bit, but when she looks in the vault, there’s only a slim bit of the 100 million berry left. She asks in an overly friendly manner where the money went. Luffy readily replies that they used it for the party, whereupon he first takes another beating. Despite this bust for Nami, she and Robin later go shopping and wander through fashion stores. Sanji lingers at the food market, Zoro is once again lost and stuck in a dead-end street, and Luffy (with a giant bump on his head) and Chopper go river cruising on a Yagara Bull.


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