One Piece Episode 314


It turns out that Garp was by no means a loving grandfather to Luffy. He always wanted Luffy to be a strong marine, which is why, among other things, he threw him into a ravine as a child, left him alone in the jungle, and made him rise into the air tied to a balloon. However, he only did all of this to prepare Luffy for the rigors of naval training. But since Luffy had been negatively affected by the “Red”, as we know, nothing came of Garp’s plans. Luffy retorts that his grandfather shouldn’t talk about Shanks like that, after all, he once saved Luffy’s life.

Garp is so angry that he grabs Luffy by the collar and wants to punch him in the face, but they both fall asleep first. When Garp wakes up again, Luffy is still asleep. But not for long, as Garp gives him a beating.

Garp then tells of the Four Emperors, of which Shanks is also one, and how they would rule in the New World. Robin is puzzled and asks Nami if Luffy actually knows Red Shanks. Nami answers in the affirmative, but says she also only knows that Luffy once received the Straw Hat from him, but not that he was such a great man. Robin seems to be a household name to Shanks. Only Luffy doesn’t care about any of this. He’s just glad that Shanks and his gang are okay.

Meanwhile, Zoro also arrives at the Straw Hat Pirates’s quarters with the help of Michael and Hoichael, who were actually blackmailing him, and has to contend with some marines at the entrance. Bogard, Garp’s confidant, remarks that judging by the fighting style, it must be “Zoro the Pirate Hunter”. Garp says he is a good fighter and orders two marines to stop him.

Luffy runs after them and wants to hold Zoro back, as he thinks there would be no need to fight. But one of the two stops him with a kick. Luffy tries to grab him, but his opponent dodges with a shave. Luffy immediately recognizes this technique and when the marine tries to attack him from behind, he concentrates on the sound he makes alone, grabs him by the collar and knocks him to the ground.

Zoro’s opponent, who had attacked Zoro with his Kukri swords, also lies disarmed on the ground by now. The two soldiers give up and reveal themselves. They are Koby and Helmeppo. Only now do Luffy and Zoro realize that it is Koby, their friend who accompanied them at the beginning of their journey in the East Blue, and they are amazed.

They are about to go to the quarters to talk about old times, when Helmeppo asks if they don’t recognize him. Luffy and Zoro don’t know who he could be, and only when Helmeppo tells them exactly who he is do they remember – though not very enthusiastically. Helmeppo bursts into tears and tells Koby that they still haven’t forgiven him, after all. But Koby only answers that there’s nothing you can do about it, what’s done is done.

Meanwhile, Garp orders his men to repair the hole he made in the wall of the house. When asked why the Vice Admiral didn’t just take the door, he says that it was much cooler that way. The marines, however, say that’s not a reasonable reason and that he should at least help them. Garp gets angry at first, but then realizes his guilt and starts repairing the door, while casually mentioning that Luffy met his father in Loguetown, but Luffy doesn’t even know he has a father.

Picking his nose, Garp calls his name: Monkey D. Dragon. After a brief moment of shock, everyone suddenly turns white as a sheet. Only Luffy doesn’t know what to make of the name, so he asks Robin to explain who this man is and what’s so bad about him.

Robin doesn’t quite know how to explain this to Luffy and begins by saying that pirates are incapable of overthrowing the world government. But there would be an organization called the Revolutionaries, who have already started dozens of revolutions in different countries and brought the countries down with it. Their leader would be Dragon, the most wanted criminal in the entire world – Luffy’s father. Helmeppo asks what kind of family this is, after all, Dragon is not only Luffy’s father, but also Garp’s son. Garp realizes he shouldn’t have told them that and just tells everyone to pretend he didn’t say anything.

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