One Piece Episode 313


Two days after the events on Enie’s Lobby, the Straw Hat Pirates has returned to Water 7 along with the Galley-La and the Franky Family. The townspeople are busy repairing the damage caused by the Aqua Laguna. Paulie and the other craftsmen from the various docks are also assisting the townspeople.

Meanwhile, some other Galley-La Company employees have to block the way to the Straw Hat Pirates in the dock from reporters and other townspeople, as they need to recover from the rigors of the last few days. In Dock #1, the two giants Oimo and Kashii are also helping with the rebuilding. With them is Usopp, whom they ask if he wants to come with them to Elbaf. Usopp, however, is not yet sure.

Meanwhile, Zoro is sitting on a shipwreck at the outer end, the old part of the city, looking at his destroyed Yubashili and still visibly can’t believe that this really happened. After all, he had promised Tanne back then to always look after his sword, but now it’s destroyed forever.

At the same time, Franky sits with Iceburg, who reveals his plans for the “floating” city of Water 7. Franky asks him if it is even possible to make a “ship” out of the city, but Iceburg only answers that there once was a man who made the impossible possible. All you have to do, he says, is make it with a “don.” Franky knows right away who and what is meant by that.

While Franky ponders Iceburg’s words, Zambai calls. Zambai announces that while he and the others of the Franky Family are rebuilding the Franky House, he has received word that the “stuff” is there.

Franky is visibly pleased that his “goods” have finally arrived and, together with Kiwi and Mozz, sets off at the same time for the Straw Hats, who reside in a smaller building with a kitchen and bathroom.

Luffy is busy eating various treats that Sanji has prepared. Grandma Kokoro, Chimney, and Gonbe the cat also visit, and Sanji tells them that Luffy seems to have found a way to eat even in his sleep so that he doesn’t miss meals after strenuous battles. Grandma Kokoro is visibly amazed.

Only Nami wallows in a melancholy state. After all, because of Aqua Laguna, her beloved orange trees, the remaining 100 million berries and all her other belongings are gone.

But unexpectedly, two men who had fetched the orange trees and the other things from the Going Merry when the Straw Hat Pirates were still suspected of assassinating Iceburg suddenly enter. Nami is overjoyed and at the same time Chopper and Robin now arrive again. They’ve done some shopping in town and Chopper proudly tells Sanji he’s been looking after Robin too. Robin, however, says there is no reason for that, she will never “disappear” again.

Now Franky also arrives and asks the Straw Hats for his attention, as he has something important to tell them. He tells them what he spent the 200 million berries he “stole” from them on, namely wood from the indestructible Adam Tree. Sanji gets a little angry that Franky spent all that money on wood, but Franky tells him to shut up and let him finish telling the story first. Franky continues his story and tells them that there was once a time when he never wanted to build another ship, but before he knew it, he had made a blueprint again. A blueprint for his dream ship. He now wanted to build this dream ship with the wood of the indestructible Adam tree and afterwards his friends, the Straw Hat Pirates, should sail the oceans with this ship. All of them are both surprised and overjoyed to finally be able to continue their journey across the Grand Line.

But the joy should find an abrupt end. Zoro is constantly on the way to the others to tell them that the navy, which they had expected only in a few days, has already arrived. However, Zoro once again can’t find his way and unfortunately ends up in the same place three times. Then Michael and Hoichael, who were suspected of being Iceburg’s assassins by Tilestone and Peepley Lulu in Rocketman, also show up. They sneer that the “uncle” must have gotten lost and grab their “weapons”, a flute and a ruler. Zoro is visibly annoyed…

At the same time, the townspeople are desperately trying not to let the marines and their leader, Vice Admiral Garp, get near the Straw Hat Pirates. But to no avail, they already arrive at the shelter and at the same time Garp takes the path through the wall. He is confronted by Sanji and Franky, who don’t want him to get near Luffy. But Garp is faster and before they know it, he is past them and gives Luffy his “Fist of Love”. Everyone startles and Luffy finally wakes up too. He holds his head and is astonished to see his grandfather Garp standing across from him. The others are stunned: Garp is Luffy’s grandfather?

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