One Piece Episode 312


The Straw Hats successfully escaped from Enie’s lobby and are back on the high seas aboard the The Going Merry. Meanwhile, Luffy and Chopper are searching for Usopp, as he seems to have disappeared. The reality, however, is quite different: Usopp has once again assumed the identity of Sogeking, and first gets a swift kicking from Sanji for not daring to get in Luffy’s face, which is why he claims Usopp left in a small boat. To this, both the captain and Chopper react very disappointed, since the Going Merry is Usopp’s property, but quickly get over it. Meanwhile, none of the Straw Hats could find the originator of the mysterious voice, which raises mysteries. Luffy remains firmly convinced that it was the ghost of the Going Merry, and Nami felt the same way. However, no one is sure, except for the captain.

Suddenly, Luffy interrupts the others as he spots the Galley-La ship a little ways away, heading directly in their direction. All the carpenters on board are thrilled to see that the Straw Hats have made it through Aqua Laguna in one piece, and even Iceberg is on board. The moment is quickly interrupted, however, as the front section of the Going Merry unexpectedly breaks off, making it impossible for them to continue their journey with her. Luffy asks the carpenters to repair the ship, but Iceburg refuses, saying he should give the The Going Merry her well-deserved rest.

You see a scene from Iceburg’s past: this takes place at the time when the Straw Hat Pirates left Water 7. Iceburg heard a noise there and sets out to find the originator of it, arriving at the ship’s graveyard. There he recognizes the Straw Hats’ ship, which “asks” him to make her seaworthy one more time because she wants to set sail one last time. After Iceburg completes his work, he wonders why he did it now, but is interrupted in his musing as the islanders shout to Iceburg to come back, as the wave will be coming again soon. As he finally turns his back on the The Going Merry, the ship is caught by a wave and sails away. Iceburg sees this as he turns around once more and makes the decision to go after the Straw Hats.

Back in the present: Iceburg notes that he has already done everything in his power for this ship. Never before has he seen such an amazing ship, pushing itself far beyond its limit. Luffy realizes that the journey aboard the The Going Merry is over. The Straw Hats abandon their ship, Luffy asks his comrades one last time if they are ready and says to the The Going Merry that they are joining them on their “last voyage”. He then lights the ship on fire, saying that it’s a good thing Usopp isn’t with them. He still doesn’t know that Usopp, in the guise of Sogeking, is witnessing the event. The ship catches fire and Luffy thanks the Going Merry for letting them ride with her.

Suddenly, Nami notices that it’s starting to snow. And when she touches one of these “snowflakes”, the memories of their time together with the Going Merry come back one last time. The others also remember that time. The moment they got the ship from Kaya, the moment Luffy practiced shooting the cannon and when the Straw Hats went to the Grand Line, the day they flew to and from the Sky Islands. One by one, many of the people present start crying and Luffy screaming apologies for everything he had done wrong. After this, the Going Merry thanks the Straw Hats once again for always taking good care of her and notes that she was always happy with them.

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