One Piece Episode 311


All the Straw Hats have jumped into the water with the The Going Merry. The members who can swim aboard the ship, the devil fruit users are thrown aboard by Granny Kokoro. The entire crew wonders how the The Going Merry got here without a helmsman, yet everyone is happy to see the ship again. Amidst this commotion, Luffy wants to thank Robin for throwing him in the water, though she shuts him up and thanks the entire crew. When Zoro says they should save the boring chatter for later, he earns a kick from Sanji and a bite from Chopper, who can now apparently move again, disagreeing completely with the swordsman.

Meanwhile, Spandam, who is still alive, has grabbed a Den-den Mushi and claims that Admiral Aokiji has ordered to now blow up all the Straw Hats including Nico Robin. Immediately, the first navy ships fire on the Straw Hat gang. However, they don’t hit the The Going Merry in the process, but, very unexpectedly, each other. Subsequently, they also start ramming into each other unintentionally. The cause is that the Gate of Justice is about to close at the same moment, causing the whirlpools to form again. The culprit of this chaos is Sanji, who had closed the gate when he had briefly disappeared. The Straw Hats take advantage of the opportunity in which the rudders of the Navy’s ships go haywire and escape, using the vortex to accelerate.

The navy ships, however, again put the Straw Hats under fire. The first bullets miss the ship, but the rest seem to hit the Going Merry. However, Zoro, Usopp and Sanji have already positioned themselves on the back deck to protect the Lamb and Robin and Franky are also helping. Meanwhile, Chopper is at the helm with Chimney and Gonbe waiting for Nami to calculate the course. Luffy, on the other hand, has to watch as his friends defend the ship, as he is still immobilized, though he too would like to fight. When the navy ships fire on the Straw Hats again on Spandam’s orders, Sanji and Zoro comply with their captain’s request, catching the numerous bullets with his rubber body and hurling them back to the ships.

Finally, Nami has succeeded in determining the correct course and the return journey can now begin. Spandam, who has been watching the whole thing from a naval ship, is raging with anger. When Robin sees him, she wants to get even with him and destroys his spine with Clutch.

Now to escape for good, Franky uses his Coup de Vent and the The Going Merry flies away from the Navy ships. They get the cover they need from Usopp with a Super Gunpowder Star.

On the other side of the island, the Franky Family, the boys from the Galley-La and the two giants Oimo and Kashii also head back to Water 7 with the Puffing Tom.

The soldiers on the navy ships, on the other hand, want to pursue the Straw Hats immediately. However, they are prevented from doing so by Admiral Aokiji, who has just arrived on the scene on his bicycle. He believes that the navy suffered a complete defeat that day.

On the Straw Hats’ ship, on the other hand, there is great joy over the victory and Nico Robin’s rescue.

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