One Piece Episode 309


Usopp stands on the end of a shot-up bridge girder without the Sogeking mask and fires at Luffy, who lies on the ground dazed by Rob Lucci’s Six King pistol and steaming from Gear 2 in front of Lucci. Marine warships circle the bridge to the Gate of Justice as the crews watch in disbelief as Straw Hats Robin and Zoro and Franky stand up to their 200 elite fighters and captains.

Luffy notices Usopp and wonders about his presence. Usopp, who is covered by Zoro during his brief conversation, explains that the only reason for his presence is to save Robin, and loudly challenges Rob Lucci. The latter only makes disdainful comments about losers. When Luffy tries to dissuade Usopp, Usopp lectures him that a half-dead man can’t do anything either. Luffy allows himself to be goaded by Usopp, after all, this isn’t hell. Luffy laboriously rises back to his starting position and swears to Lucci that he won’t give up until he defeats his opponent. Lucci, on the other hand, takes advantage of the Seimei Kikan and tells Luffy that he doesn’t have to worry about his friends anymore, because he’s going to send them all to the same hell as Luffy. Afterwards, fists and claws hail between the two at an incredible rate.

Meanwhile, Nami and Robin are surrounded back-to-back by a superior force of naval captains. However, using Robin’s devil powers and Nami’s climate stick, they are able to hold their own against them. Since Kokoro, Chimney, and Gonbe appear to be safe on the escape ship, the two Straw Hats head up to the bridge to help the others.

Meanwhile, in the bridge abutment, two marines are talking over a Den-den Mushi. When one of them tells the other that he wants to escape because of the buster call, the other one reacts upset at first, because as guards it is their duty to hold the position. However, he eventually realizes how bad the situation is and runs away. Shortly after, Sanji enters the room and kicks in a door, where he finds a switch.

In the first bridge abutment, the exchange of blows between Luffy and Lucci continues unabated until Lucci uses a Rankyaku, which the Straw Hat captain manages to dodge, but which instead whizzes towards the Bridge of Hesitation, where it hits three Navy captains, saving Usopp, who, however, thinks he’s taken out his opponents himself.

On the Bridge of Hesitation: Franky gets into a tangle with Very Good, who disintegrates into all kinds of little balls under his blows. However, Zoro is able to help him. After defeating his opponent, he shouts to the others to be careful, as some of their opponents have devil powers. However, Robin retorts that the same goes for the Straw Hats, and joins the fight on the bridge with Nami. Shortly after, Zoro gets to deal with Shuu, who rusts and breaks the swordsman’s master sword, Yubashili. When he subsequently tries to rust Zoro himself, things look bad for the Straw Hat Pirate until Usopp bails him out.

Luffy vs. Lucci: After another exchange of blows, Lucci manages to pin Luffy down with his tail and jam a Six King pistol into his gut at close range. But when Lucci releases Luffy, he doesn’t go down, having previously sworn to him that he wouldn’t go down again until he had defeated him. As the CP9 agent turns back around, he is confronted by a visibly battered, yet determined Luffy, who recalls the events of the recent past and his resolve to protect his friends. With a final attack that Lucci attempts to block with his strongest Tekkai, Luffy finally looks to finish the fight. The CP9 agent doesn’t stand a chance against the Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling and is even thrown out through the wall.

Finally, over a loudspeaker snail, a marine announces that Rob Lucci of the CP9 has just been defeated by Straw Hat Luffy, which visibly pleases the Straw Hats as well as Franky and Usopp. The downed Luffy then yells to the others that they can all go back together now.

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