One Piece Episode 308


The final fight between Rob Lucci and Monkey D. Luffy takes place in the bridge pillar. The Straw Hat Captain is able to injure Lucci with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol. However, the latter somewhat intercepts the blow by jumping backwards. He then tries to hit Luffy with a Shigan, but Luffy reacts in a flash in his Gear 2 form and dodges to the side. A direct exchange of blows between the two opponents follows, which Luffy tries to win with another punch to Lucci’s stomach, but he holds his arm against it. Using the gum-gum jet bullet, Luffy makes Lucci spit blood even more. After another jet attack, Lucci is slammed into a wall. The attack has left two strong imprints in Lucci’s stomach.

Luffy wants to continue attacking his opponent, but Lucci announces a secret art of Rokushiki, appears in front of Luffy and puts his fists against Luffy’s stomach, uses Rokuogan and Luffy falls back bleeding. Exhausted, he spits out another gush of blood, saying that Lucci’s attack would be even stronger than an Impact Dial from Skypiea. Lucci sends out another Rankyaku Gaichou, further damaging the bridge pillar badly. Franky knows about Lucci’s strength and thinks that if Luffy hadn’t stopped him, there would already be some dead.

Meanwhile, Onigumo is informed that Luffy is still alive and fighting with Rob Lucci. The Vice Admiral gives the order to surround the Bridge of Hesitation with the warships. Sogeking wonders if Luffy could die. However, Zoro angrily reprimands him that Luffy will defeat Lucci.

Luffy vs Lucci: The Straw Hat Captain is still standing after Lucci’s Rokuogan and the two are about to continue their fight when suddenly the walls move as the Navy has bombed the Bridge of Hesitation between the first and second piers.

The Navy identifies the Straw Hats at the convoy ship and suspects they are responsible for the defeat of the CP9 at the Justice Tower. The navy crews are aghast at the defeat of a legend.

The Straw Hats cheer Luffy on and inform him that they have all made it to the convoy ship. Rob Lucci compliments Luffy for his crew, but promises that they would be done in a few minutes. Shortly after, orders go out on the navy ships that only captains and elite fighters from headquarters are to join in the attack on the Straw Hats. As they prepare to defend themselves, Usopp notices Sanji’s absence. However, the onslaught of naval captains leaves him, Franky, and Zoro no opportunity to investigate.

While Zoro, Sogeking and Franky have to deal with numerous enemies on the bridge, Robin and Nami keep the way to the convoy ship clear.

Luffy vs Lucci: Lucci has realized that Luffy is barely a match for the efforts of Gear 2, and taunts his opponent. He promises to pursue Robin to the ends of the earth and eliminate all who oppose the world government. When Luffy protests, another exchange ensues, culminating in a Rokuogan that Lucci uses to knock Luffy to the ground, where he seems to remain for the time being.

Sogeking notices that Luffy is in trouble, and leaves the fray to give him a moral boost. He stands on the end of a shot-up bridge girder, removes his mask, and yells over to Luffy.

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