One Piece Episode 304


Enies Lobby: The Buster Call fleet has arrived and is bombarding the island. Orders are given that everything except the Bridge of Hesitation, where Nico Robin is located, is to be destroyed. The marines run off the Bridge of Hesitation despite this announcement, while Spandam tries to make them understand that it’s only because of him that the ships aren’t firing on the bridge. Franky has never seen anything so crazy and Robin is shaking with fear.

Meanwhile, Zoro and Sanji have made their way to the Bridge of Hesitation with Sogeking in tow, who they are transporting with a cloth. They are already in the secret tunnel where Nami, Granny Kokoro with Chopper, Chimney and Gonbe are also at the same time. They have almost reached the exit when they all suddenly hear a noise and shortly after see water in front of them, flowing towards them at a fast pace. The five are startled, immediately turn around and run away from the water masses in the opposite direction.

Bridge of Hesitation, Bridge Pillar: Luffy is angry because Lucci has filled the tunnel with water where the Straw Hat Pirates are. The water is also steadily rising in the bridge pier, and Lucci jumps up a floor where the water can’t get in because the floor is above sea level. Luffy follows him and Lucci talks about Luffy’s friends that he should help. However, the Straw Hat Captain believes in his friends and will continue to fight with Lucci.

While Zoro, Sanji and Sogeking continue to move in the secret tunnel towards the bridge pillar, not far from them Granny Kokoro with Chopper, Nami, Chimney and Gonbe run away from the masses of water that have poured into the tunnel and have almost caught up with them.

While Luffy and Lucci continue their fight in the first bridge pier, Spandam orders the soldiers on the bridge of hesitation to arrest Robin again.

Luffy vs Lucci: After a fierce exchange of blows between the two, Luffy is knocked back by Lucci. The CP9 agent then comes at the Straw Hat Pirate with Kamisori and attacks him with several Shigans. However, Luffy is able to dodge these and is immediately attacked with a Rankyaku Hyoubi. Lucci then immediately appears next to Luffy and asks him if he can defeat him. The Straw Hat Captain wraps his leg around Lucci’s leg several times and replies that he has to, because how else would he be able to save anyone. He uses his gum-gum gun, but his target counters with Tekkai Utsugi, which Luffy can’t break through.

Lucci approaches his opponent again with Kamisori and encircles his opponent’s neck with his tail. But before he can strangle Luffy, the latter grabs his tail and throws it through the air. Lucci is able to dodge the pistol that follows, however, and uses Tobu Shigan “Bachi” instead. Luffy is hit by the flying Shigan and goes down after more attacks of this kind and a Tobu Shigan: Hi Bachi. Against Lucci’s wishes, however, Luffy gets back up and counters that he has mastered another technique, Gear 3, biting his right thumb and blowing air into his hand so that his arm becomes huge and a bone balloon is formed. He directs this air into his left hand and attacks Lucci with a giant’s fist. Lucci thinks Luffy is just bluffing and thinks he can stop the giant’s gun with a tekkai. But he is wrong and is immediately knocked through the walls of the bridge pier by Luffy’s attack.

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