One Piece Episode 302


After a first shot is fired, Zoro, Sanji, Sogeking, Spandam, and some marines are visibly surprised.

On a navy ship, a soldier remarks that the iron grate has been badly damaged, but Vice Admiral Doberman only replies that it’s nothing special, after all, they’re conducting a buster call here and it doesn’t matter what they’re aiming at, as they’ll lay waste to everything. The first thing he does is order the Justice Tower to come under fire.

In the Justice Tower, Zoro notes that the iron fence has been destroyed, while Sanji notes that it will be difficult to get off the island if more warships show up. However, since the Gate of Justice is now fully open, causing the giant whirlpools to disappear, the Navy can enter with their ships without any problems. As a result, they indicate to Sogeking, who is still on the roof, that they have no time to waste and that he should jump to them immediately. Shortly after, the top half of the Justice Tower is hit by cannonballs. Sanji and Zoro are horrified. As it turns out, however, they have no reason to be, as Sogeking was able to save himself with a diving jump from the roof.

On the bridge of the Hesitation, Franky and Robin receive word from Sanji via Den-den Mushi that all is well with them and the three will join them soon. Meanwhile, Robin and Franky want to take possession of the rescue ship, which is their only chance of salvation. To do so, they still have to get Spandam and some marines out of the way, but this is no problem for the two of them.

Meanwhile, Grandma Kokoro, Chimney and Gonbe are still running in the secret tunnel towards the Bridge of Hesitation. In the process, they are caught up by Nami, who immediately thanks the three for the tip-off.

In the bridge pier, Luffy and Lucci continue to engage in a fierce battle. After an exchange of blows between the two, in which the CP9 agent lands in a stack of crates, Lucci finds that Luffy’s physical strength is comparable to that of a Rokushiki master. It seems he is a different person than the one he encountered back in the main Galley-La building. Furthermore, he wonders about the mysterious smoke and the red color of his skin, and what must be going on inside Luffy’s body. It seems like he knows. But before he can finish the thought, Luffy attacks again. After a brief exchange of blows between the two, however, Luffy runs out of steam and has to finish Gear 2. Meanwhile, Lucci has figured out what Luffy’s trick is. This one uses his legs as pumps to speed up the blood flow. For a normal human, this would be fatal, but since Luffy’s organs and blood vessels are made of rubber, his heart can withstand the pressure. However, Luffy is pushing his body to its limits by doing this, which will shorten his lifespan. However, Luffy doesn’t care about this as long as he can protect his friends. However, Lucci thinks the Straw Hat wishes for too much. In a few minutes, the Buster Call will begin and Luffy’s friends in the tower will die. The only way to escape this is through the secret tunnel. Lucci is well aware of this, which is why he destroys the wall with Rankyaku, causing water to rush in, which will flood the tunnel in addition to the lower part of the bridge pier, drowning everyone there.

In the secret tunnel, in addition to Grandma Kokoro, Chimney, Gonbe, Chopper, and Nami, Zoro, Sanji, and Sogeking are now on their way to the Bridge of Hesitation.

On the Bridge of Hesitation, Franky and Robin are still able to successfully hold their own against Spandam and the marines. But through the fog, the navy ships are suddenly visible to make the Buster Call. While Robin falls to his knees in fear, Spandam rejoices. Immediately, the ships begin to fire on the island, where the two giants are still with the members of the Galley-La.

The buster call has begun. The target of the attack is the Straw Hats, numbering about 60 people. On the other hand, the bridge where the criminal Nico Robin is located is not a target, according to Aokiji’s instructions.

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