One Piece Episode 300


The fight between Zoro and Kaku is coming to an end. Zoro is able to hit the CP9 agent with Hyokindama, but he counters with Rankyaku Shuriken, Henchi Kirin and Mouchi Kirin. He then uses his Four Sword Style Gekirin, which turns into a fierce fight between the two. Kaku thinks it was a mistake for the Straw Hats to attack the World Government, as the World Government retaliates and it will hit all the pirates, including Nico Robin. At Robin’s name, Zoro stops the exchange of blows. For a short time, he looks like a three-headed demon with six arms, which visibly scares Kaku. Kaku asks if Zoro still remembers the Rankyaku Amanedachi he used to destroy the tower earlier, and also immediately starts attacking to finally defeat Zoro. Zoro can use Ashura to turn the attack into fog and finally defeat Kaku. Finally, he gives him the message from Paulie that they are all fired. Kaku doesn’t know what to do now, so Zoro suggests that he could always work at the zoo, which Kaku replies with a smile.

Shortly after Kaku hands Zoro the number 5 key, Sanji arrives. He remarks that Zoro has trashed everything. Zoro replies that he doesn’t care and throws him the key with the remark that this was the last one and that they have to go to Robin now.

On the island, the members of the Galley-La, with their two King Bulls Sodom and Gomorrah, and the giants Oimo and Kashii, try to get to the island gate as quickly as possible to get away from Enie’s lobby.

In the secret tunnel, Granny Kokoro with the unconscious Chopper, Gonbe and Chimney run towards the Gate of Justice.

On the Bridge of Hesitation, Spandam continues to try to bring Robin to her punishment. In front of the almost fully opened Gate of Justice, the bridge is now completely extended. Spandam wants to take Robin to the boat, but she, fearing for her freedom, is able to break away from Spandam and escape a few feet before the CP9 leader can stop her. When he tries to drag her further, he finds that she is stuck in the bridge.

In the bridge pier, Franky and Luffy are still involved in a fight with Lucci. While Luffy is held up by Lucci with Shigan Oren, Franky tries to get to Robin through the door. However, Lucci gets in his way. Franky tries to clear his way with Strong Hammer, but it is blocked by Lucci with Tekkai. Franky is surprised that Lucci didn’t get a scratch, even though he was able to defeat Owl. But Lucci replies that he can’t compare him to Owl, who is much weaker than he is, and takes him down with a Shigan. Franky realizes that Lucci is a superhuman. However, just before Lucci can give him the final blow, he is knocked into a stack of crates by Luffy with the gum-gum jet gun. Franky is visibly surprised, especially since steam is also coming out of Luffy’s body. Luffy has activated Gear 2 and tells Franky to finally go to Robin. But as Franky is about to run off, Lucci in his leopard-man form gets in his way. He wants to go after Franky first, but is stopped by Luffy using the Gomu Gomu no Jet-Whip. After another Gomu Gomu no Jet-Bazooka, the way is clear for Franky, who also immediately goes to Robin to free her.

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