One Piece Episode 298


The battle between Jabra and Sanji begins. The cook assigns Sogeking the task of saving Robin, but this is met with incomprehension by the gunner. While Sanji is attacked by Jabra, Nami and Sogeking leave the battlefield in a hurry.

The first attack of Jabra is blocked by Sanji, but he is thrown into a wall at high speed. Jabra, now confident of victory, already thinks the chef is beaten after this one attack. Meanwhile, Sogeking thinks of a way to save Robin, but immediately shouts it throughout the building. Even as Jabra ponders this recklessness, he is already catapulted into the wall by Sanji with a violent kick. Slightly dazed, he swears revenge. Sanji now also counters Jabra’s ten-finger pistol, which the latter is also able to deflect with iron armor. Only now does the wolf realize what a strong opponent he is facing. Sanji is also able to dodge his Orkankick, and counters again. However, his attacks do no damage to Jabra, allowing him to hurl Sanji into the nearest wall with a well-aimed punch. Sanji is unimpressed and immediately kicks at Jabra, who also tears down the next wall.

The latter, to Sanji’s amazement, throws him a key to free Robin. He tells him that he is in fact Robin’s big brother. So he tells the story of their separation, as well as the subsequent events.

Sanji agrees to pick up the key, falling into Jabra’s trap. However, he knew about this long ago, so he can give Jabra a violent kick.

Meanwhile, Spandam is standing in front of Robin, who is lying on the ground bleeding, complaining that he is completely out of breath.

Luffy faces Rob Lucci, who wants to prevent Luffy from coming through the door behind him. Luffy gets angry and attacks him with the Gomu Gomu no Gatling, which Lucci is able to dodge easily. He is also able to avoid further attacks and give Luffy hard hits.

Jabra shows himself weakened after Sanji’s counterattack, moreover Sanji was able to take his key, which also weighs him down. Sanji now flees from him, but is caught up. However, with a kick to his face, Sanji is able to stop the attacking wolf. Jabra now wants to demonstrate his strength to him, which visibly hurts Sanji. Sanji is also hit hard by his next attack. However, he shows fighting spirit and gets up again, but is knocked down again by Jabra.

Now Sanji swears revenge and presents his new technique, Diable Jambe. Jabra is impressed and is immediately attacked by Sanji, which causes the wolf great pain. Completely horrified and surprised, Jabra now has to realize that Sanji’s kicks get enormous power through Diable Jambe. Sanji now wants to defeat Jabra for good, but is first injured by Jabra’s Ten Finger Pistol. Nevertheless, Sanji is able to continue the attack and now goes for the final blow. With tremendous force he kicks Jabra to the ground, so that he is defeated.


  • The scene in which Jabra talks about his alleged past with Robin is strongly reminiscent of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.
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