One Piece Episode 296


Justice Tower, Kalifa’s room: The CP9 agent realizes that only one of the five Namis can be the real one, which she affirms. All five Namis now attack with Thunder Balls, which also directly catch Kalifa. The agent survived the attack, however, already looking badly battered and still facing Nami and four of her mirages. Nami tells Kalifa that she controls the climate in the room. However, she only replies that Rokushiki is stronger and uses Soru to attack, but only catches one Mirage.

Kalifa continues undeterred, but this time kicks only one of the effigies again. Nami, meanwhile, prepares her next attack: She forms a thundercloud with two pieces of the climate clock. Kalifa, however, insists that she can protect herself from the lightning. She then uses Soap Sheep, and attacks with the Sheep Cloud Disaster. She plans to wash away all the Namis. The Straw Hats’ navigator is able to use Cyclone Tempo to create a hole in the tidal wave, allowing her to escape. In the process, however, the four mirages dissolve and Kalifa realizes who the real one is.

The CP9 agent suddenly appears in front of Nami and catches her with a Shigan. However, the straw-hatted pirate takes the hit, gets back up, and prepares her final attack: The previously created thundercloud moves to her climate clock stick, so the cloud catches Kalifa in its path. Now the CP9 agent is finally incapacitated.

While Franky follows Chopper’s tracks on the wall of the Justice Tower, the Franky Family and the boys from the Galley-La are stuck in the courthouse. Meanwhile, Zoro and Sogeking are still chained together fighting Kaku and Jabra. The Giraffe Man is about to use his Rankyaku Amanedachi, with which he previously shared the tower, again. At the same moment, Robin is able to free herself from Spandam’s clutches and runs back down the stairs, where she hopes to run into Luffy, who is still trying to get past Lucci.

Shortly after Nami defeats her opponent, Franky comes climbing in through the hole in the wall. He finds that Chopper is already out of sight and that Nami has defeated Kalifa. Since the navigator has never seen Chopper in such a form either and doesn’t know how to change him back, Franky suggests just killing him, which is why he is beaten by Nami. Afterwards, the Straw Hat Pirate notes that it must have something to do with Chopper’s devil powers, and then goes looking for Kalifa’s key.

Meanwhile, Zoro and Sogeking have to run away from their two opponents who attack them incessantly. When Sogeking shouts loudly for Chopper and wonders where he has gone, suddenly Monster Chopper breaks through the wall behind them. The two Straw Hats recognize him as Chopper after a short while, but they also have to run away from him as he attacks them. Since the Buster Call is approaching and the two agents wanted to be off the island by then, they want to get Chopper out of the way, but are stopped by Zoro. Suddenly, Franky also shows up in the room and catapults Chopper through the wall into the sea with a coup de vent, causing the reindeer to change back. Together with Nami, who also appears in the room afterwards, he has devised this plan, as all Devil Fruit users have a weakness: Water. To prevent Chopper from drowning, Franky jumps in after him as well. Behind a cloud of dust Zoro and Sogeking appear again, but this time separated from each other. Nami has been able to free both of them with Kalifa’s key.


  • The episode title for this episode was already used for episode 41.
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