One Piece Episode 295


Stairs to the Bridge of Hesitation: After Spandam knocked Robin down, he now orders her to get back up so they can continue on their way. However, the archaeologist still demands that Spandam cancel the Buster Call, which he refuses to do under any circumstances. She also continues to believe that Luffy and the others will save her. However, the CP9’s commander-in-chief is very sure that the Straw Hat Boy can’t do anything against Lucci, his strongest agent with a Douriki rating of 4,000.

Meanwhile, in the bridge abutment: Luffy launches an attack, catapulting Lucci into some crates, and then tries to get to the door Robin is behind, but is stopped by his opponent. Luffy counters with a gum-gum bazooka and a brief exchange of blows ensues, at the end of which the Straw Hat Captain takes a kick to the pit of the stomach. Luffy gets back up and follows up with a gum-gum bazooka.

Kalifa’s Room: Kalifa wants to hurry up because of the Buster Call and also soaps Nami completely with the Golden Bubbles. Nami now finds that she can no longer hold her climatic baton and is equally unable to stand up. Kalifa in turn congratulates her on her new smooth skin. She attacks Nami with a hurricane kick, but she vanishes into thin air. Nami has been using Cool Charge: Mirage Tempo. Kalifa is confused and uses Shigan, but again only catches a Mirage.

Nami draws Kalifa’s attention to a point in the room. But from that very point, at the same moment, a huge monster comes crashing through the wall: it’s Chopper. The CP9 agent concludes that this monster is Nami, and she actually has Zoan devil powers, which the navigator finds very funny.

Jabra’s Room: Zoro decides to give Sogeking the name “Long-Nosed Tornado” as a sword, which the latter doesn’t find funny at all. However, Sogeking even manages to fend off some Rankyakus and Zoro is able to briefly put both of their opponents on the spot.

Kalifa, mistaking Nami for Chopper, attacks the latter with a Rankyaku. Nami also now realizes that the giant monster is Chopper and calls out to him. In doing so, she is attacked by him as he is unable to control himself. Only now does Kalifa realize that the monster is not Nami and is visibly ashamed of it. However, Nami just ignores her, which the agent finds very rude. Afterwards, Chopper, who is by no means responding to Nami, yanks the bathtub out of the room and throws it down a few stories so that it crashes right into the struggling Sanji, and disappears from the room again. Nami tries to stop him from doing any more damage, but is stopped by Kalifa with a Rankyaku, which she luckily manages to avoid thanks to her wet leg. In the process, the navigator finds that Kalifa’s foam can be washed off with water and runs to the nearest water source, but is stopped by her opponent.

Now Kalifa launches an attack with Hitsujigumo: Relax Hour, which Nami tries to blow away with her climatic baton, however her hands are still slippery and so she can’t hold her weapon, and gets hit by the bubbles. Kalifa charges at the navigator and uses Shinaru Shigan: Whip, piercing Nami’s shoulder. However, Nami gets back up and even thanks Kalifa as her attack caused the bubbles to fall off of her. Afterwards, the straw-hatted pirate is able to return herself to normal thanks to her climatic clock stick. Nami then disappears in front of her opponent’s eyes with Cool Charge: Mirage Tempo, creating four effigies of herself with the broken air.

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