One Piece Episode 290


Justice Tower, Jabra’s Room: Sogeking must be Zoro’s right sword due to the sea stone handcuffs, but that doesn’t really work.

In the kitchen, Kumadori finally managed to free himself from the fridge and now faces Chopper. The reindeer is bitching about Kumadori, who has eaten his fill in the fridge and has now become fat. The agent knows how to help himself, though, and uses Digestion first, making him all thin, and then Absorption, returning him to normal. Chopper wonders what that ability is. Kumadori replies that he trained for a thousand years to gain this ability: It’s called Life Feedback. He explains that it gives you total control over your body, and Chopper finally knows why he can move his hair like octopus arms.

Right after that, Kumadori blows up to attack and wants to grab Chopper with his hair ties. Chopper is able to dodge and switches to Walk Point. Kumadori uses Shigan Cues to pierce Chopper, who keeps dodging in time. The Straw Hat Pirate wants to fight back and uses Heavy Gong, which is stopped by Kumadori’s Tekkai and inflicts pain on Chopper. He realizes that he has no chance against Kumadori’s Tekkai without his Arm Point or Horn Point, however he has already used his Rumble Ball. He considers eating a second one, however it would damage his body and in the process he would lose control of his transformations.

Still absorbed in his thoughts, he is suddenly attacked by his opponent, realizes that he can’t wait any longer and takes the second Rumble Ball. But already the first transformation goes wrong: Instead of the Horn Point he catches the Guard Point. And he fails in all further attempts as well, so he has to take hard punches and finally goes down. Meanwhile Kumadori has set the whole kitchen on fire. The little beast gets back up and Kumadori’s hair ties take the form of hands. Blood flows as Chopper is attacked by his opponent with Shishi Shigan.

Once again the little reindeer goes down. The second Rumble Ball is a pure gamble for Chopper and it is 1 in 7 that he turns into the Arm Point to defeat his opponent with his strongest attack. More failed attempts follow until Chopper finally catches Arm Point and now goes for his strongest attack, however he is hit once again by Kumadori’s Shishi Shigan before that. However, he remains strong and finally attacks Kumadori with Kokutei Roseo Metel, which the CP9 agent tries to block with a Tekkai.

After the attack, Chopper goes down half unconscious. Unfortunately, he has to realize that the attack was not strong enough. Kumadori has now finally had enough and wants to kill the little reindeer. The very badly injured Chopper remembers back to his time with Kureha, when he already took three Rumble Balls once and almost destroyed a whole village on Sakura. Dr. Kureha was very angry with him at the time.

When Kumadori finally holds him in the air with his hair restraints to give him the final blow, Chopper remembers back to Robin sacrificing her life for her and takes the third Rumble Ball hoping no one enters the room. By taking the Rumble Ball, he transforms into a monster that can no longer distinguish between friend and foe.

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