One Piece Episode 289


While Owl recovers from Franky’s punch, Chopper tells Cyborg that they really need the #2 key for Zoro and Sogeking. After Owl gets back up, Franky wants to get this over with as quickly as possible and uses his Franky Destroyer cannons. As he does so, he “raises” his shoulders a bit so that both of his cannons that were implanted in his shoulders are ready to fire. Franky explains that he does have to dislocate his shoulders, but in return his cannons have automatic target tracking. Chopper is impressed by Franky’s attack, until he sees that he is doing the “automatic target tracking” himself and runs after Owl.

Just as Franky has fired his guns again, Owl has disappeared. He explains that he is silent as an owl catching its prey. But Chopper realizes that Owl was just hiding and strikes. Owl is now really angry and uses his Tekkai Dama, which Franky can’t stop. So the two of them tumble out of the Justice Tower into the sea, threatening to fall into the abyssal hole under Enie’s lobby. Meanwhile, Kumadori has freed himself from the fridge by simply eating it dry.

Franky has meanwhile emerged from the water again, but he is already at the waterfall by the hole. With the help of his Franky Butterfly he can still save himself, but is flung by Owl again and again back to the waterfall, until he can cling to Fukurou’s leg with Strong Right and pulls him with him into the depths to threaten. To avoid falling into the waterfall, Owl has to use his Geppou, saving Franky along for better or worse. When they are back on land, the two finally want to finish the fight.

While Luffy continues to follow the underground tunnel, Zoro and Sogeking are still running from Kaku and Jabra. Sogeking is starting to get exhausted from all the running and also gets a little break right after when Kaku and Jabra fight again. Sogeking wants to take the chance and turn both agents on each other even more, but they both eventually notice and turn back to their real opponents. Since Sogeking doesn’t like Zoro’s idea of one of them cutting off his hand, the swordsman decides to use the gunman as his right sword.

Outside the Justice Tower, Owl was able to free himself and Franky, who was clinging to him, from the waterfall, and now wants to use Tekkai Dama to send the cyborg into the tower. However, Franky is able to cling to Owl with Franky Kentauros, stopping his spinning motion and finally defeating him with a final blow.

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