One Piece Episode 288


While Nami wants to take care of Kalifa after Sanji’s failure, Chopper now gets to deal with Kumadori.

Behind the Justice Tower: Chimney and Gonbe luckily showed up and were able to rescue Luffy from the water, who was about to drown. After rescuing him from the water one more time, they show him the way to the Gate of Justice. When they reach the bottom of the stairs, they are faced with the huge iron gate, which can only be opened using an access code. But Luffy knows how to help himself. With the help of Gear 3, he manages to blow open the gate. To Chimney and Gonbe’s surprise, Luffy has suddenly become very small.

Spandam wonders what the bang was. Lucci considers that it might have been one of the pirates. Which is why the CP9 leader asks him how the pirates would know there was a secret passage, to which his subordinate replies that a child and a small animal were following them earlier. Spandam is furious and yells at him why he didn’t get them out of the way. Lucci, however, only replies boldly that he had no orders to do so.

Meanwhile, while Nami has arrived in Kalifa’s room, the fight between Owl and Franky continues outside the kitchen. Franky uses Franky Triangle Jacker to wound Owl, but he dodges Soru, reappears next to the cyborg and goes to punch him, which Franky stops with his arms. Franky then grabs onto Owl’s mouth zipper, throws him into a wall, and continues to attack him with Weapons Left. Franky realizes he’s starting to run out of Coke and finally wants to head to the kitchen. Owl gets in his way, however, and Franky provokes him into doing nothing but dodging. The CP9 agent wants to prove to him what he’s made of and hits him with a fist with the penetrating power of a Shigan: Jugon . So they both hit each other again and again, trying to outdo the other’s punch, until they finally crash through a wall and land in the kitchen.

Franky is glad to have finally landed in the kitchen, when suddenly Chopper together with Kumadori also rush through a wall into the kitchen. The little reindeer is outmatched by Kumadori and has used his Rumble Ball too early. Kumadori goes to seal Chopper’s end, but he rams the giant refrigerator door they’re in front of into his face, locking him inside. The fridge is so big that even Kumadori can fit inside. While Chopper is happy to have him locked up, Franky shouts that he needs the Coke from the fridge after all. Only now does Chopper notice Franky and Owl and immediately yells at the cyborg for being to blame for Usopp leaving the Straw Hat Pirates. A small argument breaks out between the two, which ends with Franky ordering Chopper to get him three bottles of Coke from the fridge.

Owl interferes and attacks his adversary with his Beast Power: Owl Strike attack, causing Franky to take many hard blows. Chopper recognizes Franky’s predicament and decides to help him. He opens the fridge door, takes out three bottles and throws them to Franky. But there was only vegetable juice in the bottles, so Franky’s subsequent attack goes awry. It is not until the third attempt that Chopper catches Cola. Owl doubts Cola’s abilities in Franky, but he proves him wrong and thunders him away with a powerful Strong Hammer, which visibly impresses Chopper.

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