One Piece Episode 287


Justice Tower, Jabra’s Room: Zoro and Sogeking survived Kaku’s attack unharmed, thanks to Zoro’s quick reaction. However, they are now chained together with sea stone handcuffs. The two Straw Hats begin to fight, however Kaku and Jabra want to free the two so they don’t have to fight together. All of the handcuffs have a number with the key that goes with it. The handcuffs of the Straw Hats have the number 2, but neither Kaku nor Jabra has a key for them. Of necessity, Kaku and Jabra have a contest, with the first to kill them both winning, and attack Sogeking and Zoro at the same time.

At Chopper’s: The latter sees Zoro and Sogeking in Jabra’s room, fleeing from Kaku and Jabra. He thinks this is a funny game at first because the two wave at Chopper, but they angrily retort that they need the number 2 key because they were chained together.

Meanwhile, Luffy has arrived behind the Justice Tower and now faces the troubled sea. Although he can already see the Gate of Justice, there is no connection between it and the Tower of Justice, only whirlpools and currents. However, as he wants to save Robin at all costs, he takes a small boat and tries to cross the sea with it. Meanwhile, Chimney and Gonbe run up a flight of stairs, happy to have found a way to the Gate of Justice. In doing so, they discover another secret passage that leads them directly to the place where Luffy was just now.

After a brief chat between Chopper, Zoro, and Sogeking, the reindeer sets off to find Sanji, who Chopper believes will get his hands on a key first.

Basement, corridor to the dungeon: Kumadori has captured Nami with his hair ties and wants to kill her. The navigator is able to free herself at the last second, realizes that he is too strong for her and wants to escape.

Walk to the kitchen: Franky and Owl are already fighting and attacking each other with their fists. Owl wonders about Franky’s hard punches, whereupon he retorts that his body, just like Fukurou’s Tekkai, is also made of iron.

Kalifa’s Room: Sanji yells out that he doesn’t have time for a cup of tea. Sanji can’t forgive the CP9 for what they did to Robin and demands Kalifa give him her key. The latter agrees, but he is to take it himself and search her. Sanji is of course thrilled to be able to search her, but he falls for Kalifa’s trick and she kicks him into a wall before he can lay a hand on her.

Sanji still demands the key from Kalifa. After a short chat, the fight continues and they meet again. After several kicks from the two, Sanji goes to take her down, but stops in front of her face. Kalifa takes advantage of Sanji’s chivalrous personality to women and kicks him in his “best bits”. Sanji goes down shaking and in pain. Kalifa uses Geppou to gain height as Sanji crouches down. The latter is able to dodge her kicks, which she uses against him, and lands a hit on Kalifa, who falls backwards to the ground. Sanji intentionally misses as he rams her into the ground and shows superiority. The chef finally wants to take her key, but Kalifa seizes her chance one more time and knocks him down with a Shigan. As Sanji attacks again, the agent suddenly appears in front of him and advises him to finally do something about her or he will lose and die.

Meanwhile, Nami has fled from Kumadori and is hiding from him, but she doesn’t notice that he has already snuck up behind her and is wrapping his hair ties around her. Kumadori goes to kill Nami, but Chopper saves her with a hoof kick. The hit man goes down and releases Nami. She thanks the reindeer and wants to run away again, having already taken his key. As the two straw hat pirates run away, Sanji suddenly drops down on them from above. He’s slick and shiny and has a lot of wounds on him. When Nami looks up, she catches sight of Kalifa and understands why Sanji couldn’t win, so she wants to take the fight to the CP9 agent.

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