One Piece Episode 286


In the basement, Nami comes face to face with Kumadori. Realizing that she doesn’t stand a chance against the CP9 agent, she asks him for his key. Meanwhile, in her room, Sanji calmly explains to Kalifa how to make tea.

Meanwhile, Luffy has arrived above the Justice Tower, where he last saw Spandam with Robin and the CP9, and (of course) finds no one there. Nevertheless, he knows where Spandam wants to take Robin and makes his way to the Gate of Justice.

Justice Tower, Kaku’s room: Kaku regrets not having seen Zoro’s true power in the Galley-La Mansion. The latter thinks that he has become even stronger in the meantime. Kaku now draws his two swords, and Zoro thinks he’s fighting with the two-sword style. Kaku corrects him after his rankyaku against the Straw Hats swordsman and says it is the four sword style. This is followed by an exchange of blows between the two. Zoro applies 72 Pound Hou, which Kaku counters with Rankyaku Hakurai. The blades clash more times and Kaku says the fight is fun. Zoro denies this and says he has no time for jokes. The CP9 agent then attacks Zoro with the Rankyaku Ran, which the latter is able to fend off, though the room gets quite a bit of damage in the process. Kaku then presents his newly acquired powers to the Straw Hat Pirate.

Justice Tower, Jabra’s Room: Sogeking stands in front of the sleeping Jabra, wondering a bit about the room’s appearance. However, shortly after, he refocuses on the key that is still in front of Jabra. Slowly, he tries to sneak up on it, but is first startled by its very loudly beating heart and is then stung by a bee. On his third attempt, a rooster suddenly appears in front of him, making Sogeking scream with his crowing, which wakes up Jabra, who takes the key and slams Sogeking into a wall.

The CP9 agent immediately recognizes him as the gunman who set fire to the World Government flag. Afterwards, Jabra demonstrates his devil power to the shooter: dog-dog-fruit, model: wolf, into which the agent also transforms. Despite his seemingly hopeless situation, Sogeking picks up his weapon Kabuto and wants to fight. Suddenly, the ceiling begins to crumble and a giraffe and Zoro crash into the room. Jabra immediately recognizes the giraffe as Kaku and starts laughing. Kaku was supposed to turn into half animal, half human, but that didn’t work out. Sogeking is stunned and shocked to see a talking giraffe crash through the ceiling, and Zoro wonders if he’s landed in a zoo here.

Jabra makes fun of Kaku, who ate of the Bull fruit, model: Zoan type giraffe. Sogeking has meanwhile hidden and discovers a safe with some sea stone handcuffs. Kaku now wants to continue fighting Zoro, so he really mutates into half-man, half-giraffe. The swordsman finds this mutation very silly though, as Kaku’s body has become angular and Jabra continues to make fun of him. Suddenly, Zoro’s right hand is handcuffed. These were thrown by Sogeking, however he missed his target, Kaku, because he missed laughing at him. Since Kaku and Jabra are Devil Fruit users, Sogeking wanted to weaken them that way.

Kaku has now had enough of the laughter and impressively demonstrates his powers with the Rankyaku Amanedachi. With this attack Kaku could even cut the justice tower, so that the upper part slides away a bit.

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