One Piece Episode 285


Granny Kokoro has maneuvered the Rocketman to the half-opened bridge, which now flies over the sea and crashes into the wall of the Justice Tower. In the process, the sea train has “collected” the Straw Hat Pirates, who have jumped into the sea, and Franky, who was pushed off the tower by Spandam. Spandam reacts in shock, looking incredulously into the hole in the Justice Tower through which the Rocketman has broken. The CP9 agents, however, are delighted, as they now don’t have to hold back as they did in Water 7. Still, he quickly gets himself together and drags Robin away from the parapet of the tower, ordering Lucci to accompany him and protect him so that he survives. To the remaining CP9 agents, he gives orders to kill the Straw Hat Pirates as soon as they cross their path. Funkfreed, Spandam’s elephant, transforms into a handy sword. The elephant is actually a sword that has eaten of the elephant fruit and is meant to give Spandam extra protection.

Justice Tower, at the Rocketman: Franky is worried about Granny Kokoro, Chimney and Gonbe, but they have not been badly injured, only have nosebleeds. The Straw Hat Pirates has also broken free from the wreckage and is about to rescue Robin from the hands of the CP9. However, Owl appears in front of them, stuck on the corner above a wall. He tells them that Robin is no longer upstairs and Spandam and Lucci are taking her to the Gate of Justice. He also shows them a key that is for Robin’s sea stone handcuffs. Luffy goes to get the key and attacks Owl, but he dodges and reappears behind the Straw Hats. Owl admonishes them that they don’t even know if this is the right key to open Robin’s handcuffs. He explains that each of the five CP9 agents has a key with a different number and only one fits Robin’s sea stone handcuffs.

Nami wants to get Robin back first, only then to take on the CP9 agents, but Owl threatens to throw the key into the sea if they try to do so. Owl then disappears and Luffy goes after him, but Zoro stops him. They figure out how to proceed and decide that Luffy should turn his attention to Lucci. The remaining members of the Straw Hat Pirates want to get the other five keys and then follow Luffy.

After the Straw Hats have gone in search of the keys with Franky, Chimney and Gonbe discover a secret passage by chance, in which they can hear Spandam’s voice after some time. The latter is currently with Lucci and Robin on a staircase that should take him towards the Gate of Justice. Shortly after, Chimney and Gonbe come out of their secret passage at that very staircase and can just see Spandam turning the corner with his two companions. Meanwhile, Luffy runs haphazardly through the building.

Chimney and Gonbe watch as Spandam gets Robin through a well bolted door at the bottom of the stairs and into a hallway. Lucci notices the two furtive observers, but does nothing.

Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats are already meeting their opponents: Franky encounters Owl on his way to the kitchen, who blocks his way so Franky can’t replenish his cola supplies. Nami comes across Kumadori in one of the corridors. Sogeking searches individual rooms for the members of CP9 and eventually finds Jabra sleeping on the floor in a “garden room”. There is a key in front of him, and Sogeking sees his chance to win without a fight. Sanji ends up with Kalifa in her room, who immediately offers him tea, which Sanji accepts with an amorous look. Zoro runs into Kaku in a room, who notices Zoro’s drawn sword. The battle pirates vs. CP9 can begin!

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