One Piece Episode 283

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Nico Robin remembers her childhood on Ohara, where she is badmouthed and humiliated by those around her because her mother Nico Olvia is supposedly a criminal. Only Saul speaks to her of courage, urging her to go out into the world and make real friends. In her quest for the Poneglyph, she first joins the Baroque Company and thus the Samurai of the Seas Crocodile. After Luffy’s fight was over, Robin joined Luffy’s gang. Later, she gets into some serious trouble in Water 7. When she is taken to Enie’s lobby, she has lost all hope of living, but Luffy does not give up. He manages to get Robin to regain her strength and return to the Straw Hat Pirates.


  • Although the episode acts as a pure filler episode at the time of the plot, it contains a lot of information from older chapters of the manga.
  • This episode takes place at the same time as filler episodes 279, 280, 281, and 282, which can be seen because the Straw Hats keep standing on the roof of the courthouse at the beginning of each episode and fall into the waterfall as the episodes progress.
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