One Piece Episode 282

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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In Enie’s lobby, Sanji remembers how he came to join the Straw Hat Pirates: Don Krieg and his gang have set up store on the restaurant ship Baratié. However, Luffy manages to use his gum-gum attacks to keep the pirate out of circulation. Sanji then wants to join Luffy’s gang and says goodbye to his lifesaver and teacher Zeff. Chopper also thinks back to how he came to join Luffy and his posse on Drum Island. As a human reindeer, he was constantly beaten up and eventually injured by the islanders. Dr. Kureha takes care of him and nurses the little reindeer back to health. The old woman even makes an excellent doctor out of him. Dr. Hiriluk’s lifelong dream also comes true: he succeeds in developing a powder with which he can make cherry blossoms bloom.


  • Although the episode acts as a pure filler episode at the time of the plot, it contains a lot of information from older chapters of the manga.
  • This episode takes place at the same time as filler episodes 279, 280, 281, and 283, which can be seen because the Straw Hats keep standing on the roof of the courthouse at the beginning of each episode and fall into the waterfall as the episodes progress.
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