One Piece Episode 278


Flashback 20 years ago, Ohara, Buster Call: Saul throws the uplifted naval fighter at another, destroying both. Saul also attacks the remains and survivors. In the Tree of Omniscience, the researchers try to save as many books as they can and throw them out the window into the neighboring lake. The past and its history must be preserved. Saul yells to Robin to run immediately to the rescue ship and flee the island. The bombardment of Ohara continues unabated. She reaches the rescue ship just as it is about to leave and tries to board. But Spandine watches it from his own ship and gives the order via Den-den Mushi not to let the child on board.

Robin runs back to Saul, who notices that the CP9 is about to shoot Robin down. He runs towards the ship, but is suddenly stopped by Vice Admiral Kuzan’s Ice Block Partisan. It wouldn’t look good for a former Marine to stop a buster call. Saul angrily asks him if he doesn’t see Ohara being made an example of. Ohara has broken the law, he says, and if his destruction is for the good of future generations, this is to be taken in stride. For Kuzan, justice has many facets depending on one’s perspective, which is why he doesn’t question Saul’s sense of justice, but he can’t allow him to jeopardize their mission. The rescue ship suddenly explodes.

Vice Admiral Sakazuki, later Admiral Akainu, has given the order. Any possibility of an archaeologist leaving the island must be eliminated. Furious, Saul attacks Kuzan and asks if he’s proud of it. Saul grabs Robin and tells her to run. Using ice age capsule, Kuzan freezes Saul’s legs, who falls forward. He asks Robin to take his raft and flee the island. Even if she is alone at first, she will eventually make friends. When she is unhappy, she should laugh, as he taught her. Saul’s whole body is eventually iced over and Robin runs away crying. The Tree of Knowledge ends up collapsing along with the explorers.

When Robin arrives at the coast, Kuzan is already waiting for there, having decided to let her go to see what becomes of the seed Saul saved. However, she should realize that he is not her ally.

After the Buster Call is over, the island is searched for survivors. However, none are found. The lake by the Tree of Omniscience has disappeared, instead containing countless books that have absorbed the water. At a naval base, Spandine recognizes Nico Robin from a photograph, who has escaped on a passenger ship. Since Admiral Sengoku sees her as a danger because she can decipher the Poneglyph, a bounty of 79,000,000 is placed on Robin’s head, causing rumors all over the world. No matter where Robin is, she is always betrayed. At the age of 16, she eventually becomes a member of the Baroque Company.

Present, Enie’s Lobby: Robin concludes her narrative. Twenty years ago, she lost everything to the Buster Call. And now her new friends, the Straw Hat Pirates, face the same threat. She’s already dragged the gang into her affairs twice, and she fears being abandoned at some point. This is her greatest fear and so she decided to end her life here. Spandam laughs at her and points to the flag of the World Government above the Justice Tower, the flag that symbolizes the union of more than 170 countries, from the four seas and the Grand Line. Against such power, he says, the Straw Hat Pirates is nothing. Luffy orders Sogeking to shoot down the flag, which he does immediately, and both the soldiers on the island and Spandam are shocked. With this action, Luffy has declared war on the world government. The Straw Hat Captain yells that he realizes what he has done. He wants to hear from Robin that she wants to live. Robin remembers friends and enemies who approved or cursed her existence. She breaks down and with tears she replies to Luffy that she wants to live and continue to ride with the Straw Hats. The drawbridge comes down and Luffy, newly motivated, gets ready with the others to free Robin.

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